Teen Wolf Stories

Stand Alone Stories

The Alpha's Pack - Five times Stiles got smacked when he wasn't expecting it, and one time he was expecting it, but didn't get smacked. Posted June 2012

How to Train Your Werewolf - Stiles decides to try an experiment on Derek. It backfires. Posted May 2013

Teen Wolf Ficlets - Four little ficlets I wrote for a challenge. Posted June 2013. Three More fliclets added after that.

The Sociopath - Written in response to a prompt. Peter is irritated with the teens running around town at all hours of the night, and decides to do something about it. Posted December 2015

The Skittish One - A few people asked for a follow up to my Teen Wolf story 'The Sociopath'. This story takes place directly following that one. After making a bad decision Isaac is afraid to go home and face Derek. Posted February 2016.

Never the Kid That Deserves It - Written in response to a prompt. Derek wants Jackson as a beta and little brother, but Jackson feels so guilty about not helping Isaac, and he doesn't show up for the pack gift exchange. Posted December 2015.

Teen Wolf pictures courtesy of Home of the Nutty and Screencapped.net

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