Author: Ria
Prompt: Dominance
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: PG-13
Warning: switching on the bare for the young Doctor, and the death of a character with a little bit of blood (it's not as bad as it sounds)
Author's Website: Ria's Page
Author's Note: This is my first Criminal Minds story, and this is how I think "Revelations" should have gone, so there will be no drug abuse. I do not own Criminal Minds; I am just borrowing the characters and giving than right back where they go. That's about it.


As Dr. Spencer Reid was searching the field for the mental insane Tobias Hankel, he did not notice the butt of the gun rammed in his face and dropping to the ground.

Reid looked up at the looming figure with a soft moan as he clutched his face on the area of impact.

"Now you come along quietly, if you know what's good for you." said Tobias darkly.

Spencer could do nothing but comply, as he could not reach his gun fast enough to over power the man in front of him. 'I hope I can get a message out to my team to let them know where I am,' the young FBI agent thought to himself as Tobias bounded his hands with rope and was being navigated to Tobias's old pick up truck.

"Get inside!" barked the irritated Tobias. Spencer Reid climbed in inside the truck towards the passenger side.

"Duck you head down," Tobias ordered, "We can't have any one seeing you."

Reid sighed and plopped down on the dirty floor mats of the truck. For once he was thankful being so small and skinny that he could curl up and get a little shut eye before with Tobias had in store for him.

After what seemed like a couple of hours to Reid, he could feel himself being tossed over someone shoulder and carried down a path and up a porch. He heard the faint sound of a door opening, the stuffy air danced around his nose. Reid was gently placed downed in a chair to deep in his sleep to move.

The morning rays of the sun were the first to wake Reid from his slumber. His eyes flutter open; he began to wake up his stiff muscles. As he was regaining consciousness, Tobias kicks open the old door with an armful of firewood with a blank expression.

"What are you staring at?" Tobias questioned.

At first Reid did not know what to say but "Thank you for getting the firewood, it will keep us warm." He said hoping to get on Tobias good side.

"Don't thank me yet boy." Tobias answered coldly. He dropped the firewood on the floor next to the stove, and moved closer to the boy genius.

"First we are going to talk about your…sins." Tobias draws out circling Reid like an animal.

"What sins?" Reid asked shifting in his chair nervously.

"Everybody is a sinner, confess your sins." Tobias glared at the trembling Reid.

"B-but I have not done anything," Reid lip quivered.

"Stop that lip quivering," Tobias growled, "There are ways of make you talk."

Tobias turned his attention back to the fire wood pile on the floor. He bent down with his back to Reid and moved the wood around until he found what he was looking for. Tobias stood up and held the object up for Reid to see.

"Do you know what this is boy?" he asked evilly.

Reid jaw almost dropped, when he caught sight of the terrible object. I-it was a switch! The switch was two feet long and as thick as a pencil. It looked like it was just cut with the bark shaved off.

"Spare the rod, spoil the child." Tobias stated swinging the switch leaving a lasting slice echoing in the air.

One of the few time that Dr. Spencer Reid was left speechless in his life. He had never been switched before, let alone spanked. He had read about it from countless books and articles and from what he has gathered, this experience was going to be painful.

"Let's see if this can motivate you to confess you sins." Tobias said grabbing the front of Reid's shirt and hauling him to his feet.

Reid, gaining more courage or he was very terrified, began to thrash against Tobias hold, and he threw himself on the floor in an attempt to escape knocking the switch to the floor. What Reid did not count on was the fact that he hands were tied made it harder to get up and that Tobias was faster than he looked.

"That just cost you boy!" Tobias roared at Reid yanking from the back of him from the back of his vest, and throwing him on the small table in the kitchen and picking up switch and setting it on the chair.

"Nooo!" was all the Reid could think to say at the moment as he squirmed and wiggled around.

"Stop all that moving around!" shouted Tobias angrily, trying to hold Reid into position on the table.

"No, please you do not have to do this," Reid pleaded, "I have not been anything please!"

Tobias ignored the younger man and went to work unbuckling Reid's belt, and pulling it through the belt loops of his pants. Reid bucked wildly as soon as he realized his pants were coming down. Tobias placed a heavy hand on Reid's back and pushed him into the table. Tobias reached under Reid to unzip his zipper and undo the button.

Reid felt tears coming to his eyes as he was being manhandled from behind. He could feel the strong hands pull his pants down leaving him with the feeling of weakness. Reid thought the attack of his clothes was over, but the strong hands started up again with tugging down Reid's underwear. Reid gave a cry of surprise, this was worse than he thought.

A bare switching and God knows what else Tobias has planned for him.

"Yell all you want no one can hear you." Tobias whispered in Reid ear.

Reid whimpered then began to shiver, as the cold morning air seeped in from the open door wrapped around his half naked body. When Tobias felt Reid's body submit to his power, he picked up the switch from the chair.

"Confess your sins," Tobias demanded bring the switch down with a wicked snap against the agent's small upturned bottom, leaving a small red painful line.

Reid gasped with shock at the first cut, his face twisted up with pain as he let out of groan of misery.

Seconds later the second slice of the switch landed on just below the first line.

"Owww," Reid gave a loud cry, as he was not good at dealing with pain.

"I did not do anything!" Reid sobbed into his arms.

"Confess your sins," Tobias demanded again, letting loose another sharp hit with the switch.

Reid almost jumped off the table from the pain coming from his backside. Reid let out another howl as he body quivered for the anticipation of the next placement of swats.

Tobias's eyes narrowed at Reid's defiance, he made sure that Reid was held down firmly, and started to switch the young genius's bottom and thighs in a rapid pattern. Reid did not have enough to catch his breath from the third hit, but soon discovered his voice and started to shriek and scream while his poor backside was being assaulted.

"Cleanse your soul!" Tobias urged while stopping the switching to get Reid a chance to speak.

Spencer Reid was trying to form words, but nothing would come out except heart drenched sobs and heaves. Reid's beside was decorated with faint red lines overlapping into darker red line from the top of behind to the middle of his thighs. For Spencer he was in a world of hurt, and nothing was going to was coming to help him.

Tobias let Reid cry out his pain for a few minutes, but when he noticed that Reid was not stopping the intensely of his hysterical sobs, he get flustered. Tobias grabbed Reid from the back of his shirt and shoved him into the chair from earlier. As soon as Reid sore bottom touched that chair, he immediately rocketed from his seat and jumped in down.

"Owww!" More tears filled Reid's eyes.

Tobias pushed Reid back into chair again and left his heavy hand on his shoulder so he would not get up again.

"Now you are going to sit there, until you are ready to talk, no food or standing." Tobias took Reid tear stained face in one hand and his eyes flashed dangerously. "And I will know if you move, and don't let my useless son try to help you."

With a swift turn Tobias exited out the back of the door, leaving Reid to freighted to move out of the chair, all he could be was hang his head and quiet his tears. After a few minutes Tobias came back in the house with a softer expression.

Reid look up to see the change in Tobias, he knew that if he could get Tobias to help before that alter ego of his father showed up he had a chance to make it out of there.

"Tobias?" Reid asked timidly. Tobias nodded with a small smile.

"I'm sorry if he hurt you." Tobias move across the room to kneel down in front of Reid.

"Don't tell me father they are here," Tobias showed Reid a couple of mild pain killers. "They help trust me I know."

Reid nodded his head, and allowed Tobias to help him shallow that medicine. After a few minutes of calming down the hard throbbing pain in his beside had lessened to a numb feeling. Tobias returned to moving around the small cabin putting things away.

"Thank you Tobias," Reid said "Is there anyway out of here?"

"Hmm?" Tobias turned his attention back to Reid.

"You can leave and you can take me with you." Reid said hopefully

"My father will angry if he can't find us," Tobias muttered sadly "Then he will come looking and he always finds me."

Reid looked away disappointed. 'I hope my friends can find as well.' The young agent thought to him self. With that last thought he nodded off into a deep sleep.

Reid sleep was interrupted by the sound of police car sirens approaching the small cabin. The young genius groggily turned his head to see was going on. He saw Tobias by the dirty window by the front door with his gun in his hands. Reid noticed that Tobias changed over to his alter ego, his father.

Reid heard the sound of Agent Hotch's voice through the police megaphones to surrender and the cabin was surrounded. Then Tobias's response of how he will never surrender and he will take everyone with him.

The back door quietly opened as a Agent Morgan and Agent Rossi with other members of the S.W.A.T. team behind him entered in the cabin. Reid almost cried out for joy as he saw his friend back did not what to ruin the surprise entry.

"Give it up, you lost Hankel." demanded Morgan pointing his gun at Tobias.

"There is no where to run, just give up now and not one has to be hurt." Rossi explained. Tobias smiled a cruel smile turning to the other people in the room.

"Who says I'm running," he smirked and aimed his gun right at Spencer.

"Don't even think about it," Morgan yelled as he took a step closer.

As Tobias cocked his gun; a bullet came whistling through the air, going straight through Tobias's chest. Tobias crumpled to the floor face down, as a pool of blood began to flow out. Morgan hurried over to kick the gun that was in Tobias hand while Rossi hurried over to the youngest member of his team.

"Are you alright kid?" Rossi asked freeing Reid hands so he could move again.

"I am fine now, how did you find me?" Reid asked changing the subject.

Morgan came back over to pull the younger man into a hug which Reid returned full heartily.

"When we were looking into Hankel past, Emily found a journal that talked about a small cabin he went to as a kid on this land. So it was the first place that Tobias would think that no one would come looking over here." Morgan explained. "Come on let go get you checked out."

Morgan and Rossi helped Reid up and assisted him out of the cabin to the ambulance outside, but not before quick hugs from the rest of the member on his team. The next two day Reid was able to leave the hospital and go home with the rest of team. Of course he still had to sit on a pillow the whole trip home.

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