Author: Atalantaj

Prompt: #50-Hunting

Rating: PG-13

Type of story: General

Author's Website:Atalantaj's LJ

Authors Note: The characters Dean, Sam and John Winchester do not belong to me nor does their universe. These things belong to Eric Kripke and to The CW Network. I make no money off this story whatsoever. Summary: Dean takes Sam shopping and Sam isn't happy about it. Sam and Dean are 12 and 16 in this, and the hunting is the searching kind.


Dean looked around the mall happily. The place was swarming with hot and happy chicks. The day would have felt like a vacation if it weren't for one thing. Dean looked down at his pouting brother and sighed. John had given him money this morning before leaving on a hunt to take his brother shopping for some new clothes. Sam had needed new clothes all right. He was starting to outgrow the hand me downs he got from his big brother and the vast majority of his own things didn't fit him anymore either, most of his pants for instance rose slightly above his ankles and Sam couldn't button them anymore. No, it wasn't buying his brother new clothes that was bothering Dean, it was the moody bitch routine that Sam had been playing at since Dean woke him up this morning.

"Dean this place is boring." Sam squeaked.

"Christ Sammy." Dean shook his head. "When is your voice gonna finish changing?" He gave his brother a slight shove through the entrance into the cheapest department store in the mall.

"I don't feel like shopping today. I had other plans." Sam whined, but Dean ignored him. He and Sam walked to the young men's department and Dean picked up a few packages of underwear. He examined the sizes.

"You think these will fit you?" He asked tossing a pack of white briefs to his brother. Sam caught the package and blushed. He couldn't believe his brother was picking out his undergarments for him.

"I don't need you choosing my underwear for me." Sam protested. "Besides I like these better." Sam walked to a display of boxers.

"Trust me Sam at your age and for the next few years you're really not gonna wanna wear boxers."        

"Oh, yeah? Why's that?"

"This is why." Dean stuck his hand into a pair of boxers and stuck his finger through the front fly of the boxers. "Boing," he chirped. "Seriously man, knowing you, just walking with a girl you like is going to bring Thurman the one-eyed German to attention. The briefs will keep your little buddy in check. When you get excited it won't be as obvious."

"Shut up! Just shut up!" Sam demanded, but he reached for the package of briefs his brother had found for him.

"Get two." Dean told him. "What about socks? You going to be all pissy about those too?"


"Good, then these should be fine." Dean picked up two packages of socks as well. "You probably need a new belt too, huh?" Dean eyed a fixture of belts.

"You know Dean? I' m not an idiot. I can shop for myself."

"Oh, excuse me." Dean rolled his eyes.

"Man, I didn't even wanna go shopping today. I wanted to sleep in and then hang out with Stephen, but no you had to wake me up before ten on a Saturday and drag me to the mall."

"Well, you know what? I don't wanna be here either. There's a ton of better things I can be doing besides picking out your threads." Dean lied, "but tough. You need new clothes, dad gave me money, and we're already here, so deal with it." Dean snapped.

"I'm not trying on all these stupid clothes." Sam said bitterly about forty five minutes later. He and Dean both had a nice pile of pants and shirts in their arms.

"Come on Sam. The faster you try on these clothes the faster we can get out of here. Just think about that okay?"

"Fine." Sam huffed. Both boys dropped their piles of clothes onto the bench in a fitting room.

"And drop the attitude."

"Or what?"

"You don't want to know what." Dean threatened picking up a few shirts and holding them up to Sam's chest to see if they would fit him. Three of them looked like they would be too small for his chubby brother. He took them out of the fitting room.

"Ooh, I'm so scared."

"Good. You should be." Dean closed the fitting room door giving his brother his privacy. He wouldn't tell Sam what he wanted to do to him for the attitude, but if Sam didn't knock it off soon he would be demonstrating it.

"Sammy? Sam?" Dean called out zooming past the home department. He wasn't exactly sure how it happened, but he did know when he had lost his brother, or more like Sam had decided to be obnoxious and take off. He remembered what led up to it at least.

Dean couldn't help it. He had run into one of his classmates from school in the shoe department and just couldn't take his eyes off her. Her name was Skye and she was fucking hot with long, dark hair and dressed in the latest girl fashion, which this season Dean figured had something to do with the 70's. She wore a skimpy shirt and tight hip hugging jeans that showed off her midriff, and aw her midriff. Dean doubted girls from the 70's pierced their navels like girls of the 90's did. It was the latest fashion and Dean liked it. He really, really liked it.

So, yeah, he was talking to Skye while Sam rolled his eyes and gagged like only little brothers could do. Dean thought he had the problem under control with a clip to the back of his brother's head, but apparently not. Dean had turned his back on Sam for a couple of minutes and Sam had ditched him. He and Skye were too lost in each other to notice a chubby twelve year old, with a mop of dark hair on his head scurry behind a forest of clothing racks and then disappear altogether, and to top things off Sam had left him with the stupid "for your shopping convenience," mesh bag full of his clothes, and Dean thought he was looking ridiculous carrying a god damn purse, especially with Skye out of the picture, who was paged by her mother a couple minutes later after Sam's vanishing act and had to head home.

Dean walked to the nearest cash wrap. It was a futile effort but he would have felt pretty damn stupid if he didn't try it. Dean smiled at the words coming over the intercom. "Attention shoppers will Sammy Winchester please report to the lingerie department your party is waiting." Dean snatched the phone away from the girl. "And your party is pissed." He handed the phone back to the surprised sales clerk. It might work he thought. His pager vibrated a minute later. Dean looked at the message, and pounded his fist on the counter. It read in crappy pager text, *bite me.*

So ok, at least Sam was still in the store. That was good news. His little ass would be in even more trouble if he weren't, but Dean was still irked. He couldn't remember the last time he had been this pissed at their father, but he was, as John had made damn sure that his youngest was taught from a very early age how to hide. "Where are you Sam?" Dean whispered.

Dean decided to change tactics and look in the underbelly of the store. He made his way into the stockroom. It was lucky for him the place was empty of any workers. The last thing Dean wanted was the store's security on his ass, although he figured that if push came to shove he could probably take them. He looked around the darkened room and to his dismay there really wasn't anywhere to hide, as everything had been unloaded already and was hanging up and waiting to be placed out on the floor.

Dean followed the masking tape trail on the floor of the stockroom into receiving where he almost ran into trouble. The store had gotten in a truck and about eight people were unloading it. They had an ancient boom box nearby that was blasting rap music though, and didn't notice him, thankfully.

Dean left receiving and ended up in the back offices, but quickly headed back out again, when a tall, ugly woman wearing a cheap suit asked him if she could help him. Dean apologized and said he was looking for the restroom. He guessed the woman to be the store's head manager and didn't feel like sticking around.

Dean did a search through all the departments in the store once more, but his brother was nowhere to be found. He paged his brother. *Enuff whre r u* Sam responded with a *no,* and that was it. Dean was livid. Sam had better hope Dean didn't find him. He decided on one last desperate effort. If it didn't work Dean was seriously considering using the store's security to track down his brat of a brother.

It had to be done very carefully, but Dean was going to wheedle his way into every single fitting room. It wasn't much of a problem with the children's, men's, and young men's departments, and with the Junior's department it was all about putting on the patent male Winchester charm to use, but Dean ran into problems when it came to the women's department.

First Dean had tried sneaking in and a middle aged female worker told him sorry that that was the women's fitting room. Dean told her he was sorry too and then waited for her to head back to the cash wrap, and tried sneaking in again, but another worker told him that guys weren't allowed in there. Dean had responded with a "Ya think?"

He finally came up with some bull crap story that he was looking for his retarded little brother who might have wandered into one of the rooms unknowingly, and of course he gave his brother's description, and said he might not respond to his name, but to please open any door that was locked and gave no response when knocked on. The woman had looked at him like he was crazy, but obliged. She didn't want to be responsible for anything bad happening to a "special little boy," as Dean had described Sam, but nothing.

There was only one last place to look and that was the lingerie department. Man, Sam was dead if he had been hiding out here all this time, completely dead. Dean shook his head and looked at a display of control wear. "What the hell is this?" He asked touching what looked like a fat and huge ass, beige belt that fastened with hook and eye closures. He passed a display of boxed bras. "Granny bras," He groaned. He froze at a table of huge, shiny, nylon, ladies briefs. He picked up a pair and stretched them out. "Wow, that's a whole lotta woman to love." He whistled.

Dean continued to look around the department. The merchandise was nasty. It definitely wasn't a "Fredericks of Hollywood." Dean grinned and wondered if he still had his catalog at home. He would need to see it after being in this place. He could see why out of all the departments this one was the least crowded. There was only one attendant as well. The girl who had helped him earlier with the intercom had been replaced by an old lady. She definitely wouldn't be a problem.

Dean approached the fitting room. "Tacky much?" He said staring at the purple stalls and walls. He wasn't exactly sure what the store had in mind when every other fitting room was painted white. "Yahtzee." Dean whispered heading to the end of the row, every single room was unoccupied but one.

Dean knocked on the door and didn't get an answer. He pulled on the door knob and still nothing, but he could definitely hear someone on the other side of the room. It was a slight risk sure, there might be an old woman on the other side or something, but he doubted it. He could feel his brother's presence.

Dean thought about just calling for his brother, but pulled out a paper clip instead and started to work the lock. He felt his brother pull back on the knob but it was to no avail. Dean worked the lock easily, swung open the door and there stood Sam "Got you." He said walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

"Fuck!" Sam said backing up against the mirror on the wall, trying to put as much space between him and his brother as the tiny room allowed.

"Did you just say fuck?" Dean wondered.

"Yeah, so?"

"You really are growing up kiddo." Dean said reaching out a hand and patting Sam on the face." "It just breaks your brother's heart." Dean snorted.

"You're retarded?" Sam said pulling away from his brother's contact.

"Yeah, whatever. So what's up?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean first the crappy attitude this morning and then taking off like a little brat. I mean dude, did you think I wouldn't find you?"

"Well, gee, let me think about that, seeing as I stayed in the store. No Dean. I had absolutely no expectations of you finding me."

"Smart ass. So seriously something bothering you?" Dean asked concerned.


"Then why were such a little punk?"

"I was just mad okay."

"About what?"

"I didn't want to go shopping." Sam raised his voice.

"Are you kidding me? So, the running away was just to piss me off? Dean asked pulling out the cushy, stool in the fitting room. He sat down on it.

"Yeah and I so had you? I mean how many places you check out before coming to the lingerie department?" Sam started to laugh.

"Oh you're hilarious. I know how to take care of this though. Come here Sam?" Dean crooked his finger and invited Sam over to his side.

"What for?"

"Just come here." Dean smiled.


"Cause payback's a bitch. That's why." Dean leaped off the stool and reached out for Sam, before Sam realized what Dean was up to he found himself flipped very unceremoniously over his big brother's lap.

"Dean, no. You can't do this." Sam kicked his legs.

"Sure I can."

"But we're in a fitting room."

"So, you picked the best fitting room in the damn store. There's no one here and I think it's even a little soundproof."

"You suck! You know that?" Sam whined trying to crawl off Dean's lap, but Dean pulled him back up again and held him tightly around the waist to discourage anymore escaping.

"Whatever, you've been asking for this since I got you up this morning," and with that Dean raised his hand and started to cover every inch of his brother's jean clad backside with stinging slaps.

"Ow, Dean, stop, I'm sorry okay." Sam yelped out a minute later.

"What are you sorry for?" Dean asked landing another volley of smacks to his brother's quickly warming backside. Sam started to squirm in his lap.

"I shouldn't have given you an attitude for taking me shopping." Sam admitted putting a hand back to cover his aching butt.

"Very good, what else?" Dean demanded tipping Sam slightly forward and then he started in on the back of Sam's thighs.

"Ow, ow, for running away." Sam sniffled. "I shouldn't have run away. I'm so sorry." Sam rubbed his eyes with his fists.

"Yeah, that was pretty low. You took off when my back was turned, and made me look for you for almost two hours." Dean delivered a set of ten especially hard swats, five to each of Sam's thighs. Don't do that again."

"Yes sir." Sam started to sob. He listened to his brother chuckle. "What's so funny?" Sam cried trying to pull himself up but a firm smack to his rising backside forced him back down again. "Why you laughing at me?" Sam started to cry harder.

"I'm not laughing at you. Well, okay maybe I am. I was thinking that as much as you taking off pissed me off, it was a little funny."

"Funny." Sam asked craning his neck to look back at his brother. Dean had lightened up on the intensity of the spanking.

"Uh huh. It reminded me of something I would do. It was funny but annoying as hell."

"Really? Something you would do? Sam said sounding more cheerful.

"I guess." Dean said not understanding his brother's line of thinking.

"Thanks," and for the first time during the ass warming Sam managed a smile.

"So you going to behave yourself little boy?" Dean asked a minute later just like their father did at the end of a spanking.

"You going to stop being such a big ass jerk?" Sam countered back, very differently then he did when John was doing the spanking.

"Probably not." Dean grinned.

"Then no, but for today at least I'll be all right. I promise."

"That's my boy." Dean said proudly. He helped the twelve year old to his feet again and put a hand on Sam's shoulder. "So we good?"

"Define good." Sam said rubbing his sore backside. "Man, Dean you hit hard." Sam pouted. "Really, really hard," and Dean found it kind of endearing that the only time Sam acted even close to his age instead of like a little adult, was during and after a spanking.

"Sorry, but you kind of had that coming kiddo." He pulled his little brother in for a hug. "But really your okay." He asked breaking the hug.


"All right then, my job is done. What do you say we get out of Dodge?"

"What about all my clothes."

"I paid for them after getting on the intercom. We still need to pick up a few things but you have enough clothes for awhile. They're in the Impala, and you're welcome. We went over dad's clothing budget, and I put in over a hundred bucks of my own money."

"You did?"

"Yeah, that's what big brothers are for huh? To help you out when you need it and to kick your ass hard when you deserve it. Am I right or what?" Dean laughed and Sam just shook his head. They headed out of the fitting room and out of the store.

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