Author: Buffyxenaman

Prompt: #43 - Envy

Rating: PG-13

Type of Story: General with mention of Slash

Author’s Website: Buffyxenaman’s Page

Author’s Notes: Disclaimer: I own nothing here expect this idea. Summary: Sam learns an important lesson. Dean/Castiel slash mentioned. Warning for spanking.


Dean dragged Sam into the Motel room by his ear. Not liking this, Sam fought back, trying to get free, but of course failed. When they were inside Dean all but threw Sam on the bed.

“Why did you say those things to Cas?” he demanded. Sam remained quiet refusing to give an answer.

“Sammy,” Dean growled, but still got no answer.

Sighing loudly the older brother deiced it was time to do one of their dad’s ‘forced answer sessions’ on Sam, which was really just a spanking. He’d ask a question, and no answer would result in two minutes of spanking. After asking twice with no answer, the spanking got stepped up. Their dad had only done this four times, three times on Dean, and once on Sam.

Walking over to the bed Dean took a sit on the end, and grabbed Sam’s arm, pulling him over his lap. Sam was too busy ignoring Dean to realize what was happening, until he felt his boxers going down.

“No!” He yelled, trying to cover his backside.

Dean grabbed his arm and held it on the small of his back. “Why did you say those things to Cas?” Sam kept quiet refusing to answer. Dean waited the allowed thirty seconds for an answer. “Alright, be that way.” The hand came down hard.

“Ouch!” Sam yelled, as another smack struck his backside. Dean rained down smacks for the next two minutes, covering every inch.

“Are you going to answer me now?” Dean asked. Sam took a few deep breaths. Tears were falling out of his eyes. Thirty more seconds passed. “Alright, here we go again.” The hand went down with the same force as before.

Sam began to struggle to get free from his brother’s hands. It was useless. Two more minutes passed with Sam trying not to cry. He knew he should answer, but he didn’t want to admit the truth.

“Are you ready to answer now?”

Sam still wasn’t saying a word. Dean shook his head. Reaching over to the side of the bed he reached into a bag to grab some extra help. What came out was a spatula. Dean had received it as a gift from Castiel a month ago, as a ‘you never know when you might need it’ present. Dean couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright, last warning Sammy.” Still no sounds came from the younger man. Dean shifted his knees, so that one was higher than the other to expose the sit spots. “Alright, four minutes this time,” he said.

“What? You…” Any other words that were to form were cut off as the spatula hit its mark. “OUCH!” Sam yelled. It struck again on the same spot. “OUCH!” Over and over Dean rained down smacks. The four minutes seem to take an hour. Once it was done Sam was finally ready to talk.

“It was envy!” Sam yelled.

Dean threw the spatula aside. “Keep talking,” he said, as he pulled his younger brother up and onto his lap.

“Every time I see you two together, I wish I could have what you two have. I guess I just thought if I can’t have anything like that, then you can’t either.”

Dean got the picture. “Sam, one day you’ll find someone who wants to be with you 24/7. I know you probably don’t want to hear that but its true.” Sam gave a nod of his head. “I know your track record with women sucks, but somewhere out there is a human female for you.”

Sam couldn’t help laughing at the human part. “Alright Dean, thank you, and I’m really sorry for saying all those things to Cas. When he gets back from the pizza run I’ll tell him I’m sorry too.”

“Good.” Dean stood up, bringing Sam with him. “Next time you do anything like that to him, or me, you won’t be sitting for a very long time. Got me?”

“Yes Dean.”

When Castiel got back, Sam did tell him he was sorry, and promised never to do anything to hurt him again. Castiel accepted his apology, and life went on, even though Sam couldn’t sit comfortably for a week, due to his painful lesson about envy.


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