Author: Thevulgarvirgin

Prompt: #41 - Greed


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Author Notes: A very BIG thank you to Kathy and Minx for helping me get through the fic, without them it would have been decorative litter in my trash, you guys are the absolute BEST. :D

Bet On It

8:00 pm It begins:

"Vegas Sammy, we're talken' 'bout, gambling, booze, and broads and it doesn't have to be in that order"

"No Dean."

"When will get the chance again? C'mon Sammy ya know you wanna go out"

"Again, no Dean and its Sam"

Dean flung himself next to Sam on the bed, taking some pleasure in the disgruntled grunt his brother let out when his book was dislodged from his hands. They were in Vegas, VEGAS for cryen' out loud and Sam wanted to follow the rules for once. What had the world come to?

True enough, Dean could go out on his own but Las Vegas was an experience to be shared especially between brothers, Sam was trying to avoid trouble but Dean couldn't help but revel in it. Their father was out on a hunt with another hunter, Dean and Sam out of the picture for the moment, they had the whole night to do as they pleased and Sam wanted to stay in.

Humming loudly, Dean tapped a beat out on his stomach jiggling his leg every now and then for good measure. Until finally, Sam spared him a glare,

"Stop it Dean, I know what you're doing and it's not going to work"

"Me?" putting an innocent face, Dean shrugged and looked away when it didn't keep Sam from scowling at him. He was bored, so fucking bored and here they were in another motel room, complete with crappy TV and dirty carpeting.

"We can't Dean, Dad said…"

"He said he'd be back tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow Sam. I'm talken' about tonight God, you're like an old man."

"I am not! I'm just tryen' to keep…"

"Outta trouble, ya yah…but seriously Sam this blows and you know it."

While Dean didn't have Sam's puppy dog eyes in his arsenal of weapons he did have the advantage of four years of lying and manipulating on his side. Sam really did want to go Dean knew that much he just didn't feel the risk was worth it, yet.

"I've got cash, if I even manage to double it we'll have enough for that book, what's it called…"

"Dizionario della Teologia by Prospero dell'Aquila, seriously Dean do you pay attention at all?"

"Whatever, we can go out for a while, I'll play a little poker and we'll rake in the cash and then you can get Dizionortde Telogiyamajig"

"It's Dizionario della Teologia and I dunno Dean what if…"

"What if what? Dude, do you realize we're in Las Vegas? Think of all the drunks just waiting to hand over their money."

Sam had given up focusing on this book which to Dean meant he had already won. His little brother was a thinker though and that meant he needed to weigh the pros and cons a bit before actually giving in.

"Fine, but we have to be back by morning Dad will know if we look like we haven't slept at all"

"Would ya quit worrying? Don't you know what they say, what happens in Vegas…" Dean grinned as he shrugged into his leather jacket as Sam reluctantly finished "stays in Vegas" letting out an exasperated breath he muttered out "I'm gonna regret this I just know it."

Bright lights, endless noise, people walking, talking, laughing, roving as far as the eye could see, the ritzy expensive hotels with trash littering the gutters not ten feet from their red carpet entrances, wishes and dreams splattered across the pavement in forms of beggars and ladies of the night, limos and sunglasses at night on the faces of the horribly wealthy, tourists and tramps, vixens and wash outs, light and darkness clashing in an endless possibility of what if.

This was Vegas, and Dean, he felt right at home.

It was gritty, brutally honest if your eyesight was jaded, false promises and a glutton's every desire if your glasses were rose tinted. It was squalor and riches, Dean knew his way around such mistruths, spent his whole life learning a perfect poker face and trusted his intuition more than a normal person would. He could tell when they were lying and more importantly when they weren't.

Never was he more grateful for Sammy's growth spurt that had him half a foot short of Dean's six foot stature but still tall enough that his fake id was believable. They waltzed into the casinos, played slots just for kicks, drank because they could even though Dean was still a year short of being legal and Sam was way more than that.

They'd killed two hours already when he finally found a bar that was workable. It was more run down than most, had that lived in, fought in and maybe even died in feel, a hunter's relief zone.

He left Sam at the bar, the boy was a light weight, nicely buzzed and all smiles at the moment and Dean didn't mind, his brother was far too serious for a boy of sixteen years. So long as Sam kept sober enough to escape in case things went south, then all was well.

12:30 am

Hours had passed by the time Dean decided to fold out, he should have quit quite some time ago but he couldn't resist making a few more dollars the easy way. It was the competitor in him and maybe it was a vice he shouldn't give in to but at the moment he couldn't see the harm in staying way past the time that was necessary.

Dean had more than doubled his money. Having made his winnings in a careful manner to avoid any suspicions of cheating or foul play Dean was a natural hustler, truth be told he didn't need to cheat and rarely did, it was useless when he learned to play against his father who could spot him out before he even thought about using a slight of hand.

He'd won a couple, coughing it up to beginners luck than lost a few to keep the game rolling and now he was done, money well earned. Giving the men at the table a smile he bowed out but not before offering them one more round of beer on him. He glanced over at his brother who'd taken refuge from the ladies at the bar by hiding at a more secluded table he was resting his head on one arm his other hand rolling a bottle cap across the table in boredom.

Standing, he stretched out a kink his back before sitting down rather abruptly, there was no way he thought, watching the two men that had entered the bar, how'd it go of all the gin joints in the world.

"Guess I drank more than I thought fellas, g'nite" giving the men at the table a final grin, he moved away from them carefully making his way over to Sam without the men at the bar spotting him. Grateful for their turned backs, he poked at Sam

"Let's go Sammy"

Raising his bleary gaze to Dean, he scowled

"So now you remember me"

"We have to go Sam" Dean hissed, tugged at his brother's arm, wondering how much Sam had drunk in his absence.

"I'm not ready" Sam announced rather loudly, oblivious to his older brother's mounting distress and feeling argumentative, true he was more than ready to leave but felt justified in annoying Dean a bit, after all he had wanted to leave a long time ago.

Dean assumed he'd been hanging around but in truth he'd paid attention to the poker game and knew Dean had gone on for longer than needed. His brother wasn't a greedy person by nature, he couldn't be with the way they lived but every now and then Dean just couldn't stop, whether it was cheese fries or cash Dean wasn't without weakness.

"Do you know who just walked…"


Dean's face went pale at the voice behind, he'd been spotted and there was no doubt in his mind he was absolutely and without a doubt dead. He glanced over his shoulder and wondered if he could still talk his way out of this.

"Hey Caleb, how's it going? Me and Sam were just on our way out" he pulled at Sam again.

"Does your dad know you're here?"

"Nope and I don't see a reason why he should"

Caleb scowled, as he took in the state of Sam and Dean's pleading look,

"C'mon, be a pal. We're leaving anyway"

Sighing, he nodded and motioned for them to leave "make it quick, your dad only went to the bathroom, he'll be out in a minute and wasn't keen on staying out too long".

Dean was quick to drag Sam out of the bar, grateful that the car was parked some ways away because John would have spotted it instantly. The trip wasn't very pleasant, what with Sam whining the whole way and dragging his feet, reminding Dean of Sam at age six instead of sixteen

"I'm tireddddd"

"We're almost there"

"Why can't you get the car and I'll wait here?"

"No Sam."

"Come onnnnn"

Pinching the bridge of nose, Dean let out a frustrated sigh and grabbed Sam's slim wrist tugging him the last few yards to the impala, leaving Sam leaning against the door he searched his pockets for the keys before thrusting a hand out under Sam's nose.



"I don't have 'em"

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't!"

"Well I don't have them!"

"Neither do I!"

Taking a step back, Dean ran through the choices in his head. Hoof it to the motel and risk an ass beating, nope, go back to the bar and look for them and get an ass beating anyway, not really better but chances being what they were there was no way they'd get back to the motel in time now and at least they'd have the car.

"We have to go back to the bar"

"What? Why?"

"The keys genius"

"Okay, no problem"

"You do remember seeing Caleb right?"

"You saw him too? I thought I was hallucinating!" Sam gave Dean a wide eyed look, well on his way to being sober in light of the recent change of events.

"Dean, if Caleb's there, Dads got to be with him"

"No shit Sherlock but showing up without the impala?"

They exchanged a look of misery before slowly walking back towards the bar there was no reason to rush when a spanking was definitely in the future. Squaring his shoulders Dean stepped back inside Sam at his heels, his eyes swept the room and he was pleased to see neither Caleb nor his father.

The bar had filled up a bit more and Dean was still cautious in making his way over to the table he played at early, most the men were still there along with a few new comers. One of the men recognized Dean and was quick to pull out his car keys

"Not the best place to forget you keys kid"

"Yeah, thanks I was a little distracted"

"We're starting up again, you want in?"

Glancing over at Sam, Dean weighed his options he was damn grateful the guy had been nice enough to hold onto his keys and to give them back, he was also aware that the invitation was made in the hopes that the guy would win his money back. Holding up his hand in a give me a second motion he moved closer to Sam.

"Whaddya say?"

"Are you crazy? Dad's gonna skin us alive!"

"Yeah but having a fat bundle of cash might soften him up"

"How much did you drink tonight Dean?"

"Dude, face the facts our goose is already cooked, we might as well make it worth the while"

Sam chewed on his bottom lip and shrugged,

"Will it make a difference at this point?"

"Nah, we're screwed Sam"

Throwing caution to the winds and deciding a few more beers might get him to the point where seeing his father wouldn't cause him to instantly piss himself, he nodded

"Let's do it then"

"Seriously?" Dean's face lit up, mainly with pride that his little brother was willing to be his partner in crime, fully knowing that in a few hours they'd have to face their father.

Turning to the men at the table Dean graced them with his trademark grin "looks like I'm in boys!"

3:15 am

Dean was quite possibly in heaven, there was a girl hanging on his arm with more cleavage than shirt showing and the hand he held was a gift from the poker Gods, a crowd had formed around the table and the stakes had been climbing steadily due to more players and the excitement buzzing about, he was dimly aware of Sam a table away blathering on to some chick in cat eye glasses both of them well past plastered.

His face was a mask of cool nonchalance until he turned his cards for the table to see, a shit eating grin spreading across his face at the groans it elicited around the table and the cheers from his inebriated female fans. "Those are the breaks" he crowed as he pocketed the cash blissfully unaware of the attention he's gained from all the noise.

Not ten feet away, two men stared at the goings on having come out of the backroom to see what the commotion was, one stared in exasperation and disapproval, the other in full on fury. The glances exchanged between them were heated and laced with silent accusations and attempted ignorance of the whole situation. The two men left the bar where an argument ensued along with a brief scuffle in the parking lot, Dean and Sam partied on in oblivion.

5:05 am

"Shut up Sam!"

"You should have seen it Dean, she folded it up in her mouth…"

"You spent all that time watching her make origami outta starburst wrappers? We are not related"

"It was awesome, too bad we ran out of wrappers, she said she had more in her car…"

"And yet you stayed in the bar?" Dean eyed his little brother in disgust before finally managing to get the door open and tumbling into the room due to Sam leaning against the door. He stepped over the now Sammy shaped blob on the floor and called out hesitantly "Dad?"

He made quick work of searching the small motel room and bathroom and murmured in disbelief "he's not here." Shoving Sam's ridiculously large feet away from the door he managed to get it closed before scowling down at his drunken little brother.

"Didja hear me down there?"

"What?" Sam squinted up at Dean, apparently comfortable with the fact that half his face was mashed against the dingy carpet covered floor.

"Dad isn't here"

Sam managed to lift his head at that "that's awesome, maybe he roomed with Caleb?" Dean nodded his agreement as he began stripping off his shirt, rank with the smell of smoke and beer. "I'ma take a shower" he left Sam on the floor and went to the bathroom.

He couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right, wouldn't Dad have checked in on them though it was pretty late. Shrugging it off as further proof of his lucky streak he made quick work of showering and getting into sleep clothes.

Finding Sam in the same spot he prodded his little brother "go clean up Sammy, you smell like a distillery" Sam mumbled something that could have been "okay" or more likely "fuck you."

Dean crawled into bed, feeling quite content with the way things had gone, he fell asleep to the muted sounds of Sam in the bathroom, his dreams were pleasant and filled with busty blondes on a bed strewn with cash.

8:00 am Full circle.

"Rise and shine Deano"

Groggily Dean knuckled at his eyes, the light spilling into motel room window harsh and unforgiving after too few hours of sleep. "Da..dd" he stammered out, watching his father take a seat on Sam's bed nursing a heavenly smelling cup of coffee.

He tried to blink away his bleariness as he rose up on his arms and stared at his father's calm face "how'd the hunt go?" John's smile was serene and a bit unnerving "just fine, got in late last night, didn't want to wake you boys".

Dean nodded and closed his eyes for a moment, wanting nothing more than to sink back into bed and sleep, he shook himself awake realizing his father was asking him something "uh what?"

"Where's your brother?"


"Don't think you have any others son"

"Uh…" Dean took in the sight of the other bed which was still made up "Shower?" he asked more than stated.

"Right" John straightened and headed over to the bathroom, knocking on it hard enough to wake the dead.

"Sam?" he called and knocked again even louder when there was no reply. The sounds that erupted in the bathroom didn't bode well there was a groan, then something falling loudly before a tentative "Dad?"

John spared Dean a glance before opening the bathroom to find Sam sitting in the tub and apparently he'd puked at some point if the smell was anything to go by. "Are you sick son?"

Letting out a groan Dean laid back down turning away from the sounds of his father and Sam.

"Uh kinda?"

"You're kinda sick Sam?"

"Well I was…" Sam glanced down at his vomit covered clothes "I am?"

"Dean get in here!" came the bellow

Cursing Sam under his breath Dean shuffled over to the bathroom uncomfortable with the close proximity to John, mainly his hands. "Did you know Sam was sick?"

"Umm….no" came the slow reply as he took in the state of his younger brother

"Do you boys want to tell me something?"

"Not really" Dean tried out and by the stern look on John's face he failed, miserably.

"Interesting hunt yesterday"

Sam feeling safe enough from his spot in the tub and currently disgusting state of dress, ventured out "really?"

"Yup, turns out it was a simple salt and burn. The guy's house that was haunted was real grateful"

"That's great dad" Sam said cautiously unsure where this was all going,

"Nice fella, hard worken', owns a bar"

At this both boys failed to hide their emotions, Sam's face was one of panic and Dean simply dropped his gaze to the ground not being able to stifle his groan.

The look John graced them with wasn't promising "let's hear it, from the beginning and you be careful not to leave anything out"

Dean visibly squirmed, he shot a quick glance at his younger brother who staring morosely at his sick covered shirt. "We went out last night…"

"And…" John prompted

"Went to a bar"

"Tell me something I don't know"

"Played some poker"

"Was this before or after you told Caleb you were leaving?"

"Both" Dean managed to squeak out and then cleared his throat, a blush rising at how easily his father could make him feel like a five year old.

"Is that it?"

"There might have been some drinking" Sam piped up from his corner of the world.

John arched a brow and shot Sam a wry grin "obviously and why exactly did you boys go back?"

Dean shrugged and then quickly answered as John moved towards him "we forgot the keys"

The glare he was received made him wince and clench his butt reflexively he was sure a swat was only moments away.

"And instead of going straight to the motel after you picked them up you decided what the hell! Let's play again?" John wondered about the intelligence of his sons at times like these or at the very least their parentage devil's spawn the both of them.        

"It was stupid, I know, but no harm, no foul" Dean gave his father a smile, one filled with hope and little boy charm, after all boys will be boys.

John gave Dean a smile of his own, you're cute but it's not gonna work kiddo, straightening he nodded towards Sam "clean up, your brother and I are going to have a chat." Sam opened his mouth to protest but John slammed the door shut, they were in enough trouble without hanging themselves further.

He had to rein in a laugh at the fact that Dean had managed to get such a great distance between them without actually leaving the room. Walking over to Sam's bed he sat down heavily, motioning his eldest to come closer. "Over here"

"I can hear you fine from here"

"Your ears aren't gonna be the part I'm talken' to"

Dean shifted from one foot to the other, it'd been a while since he'd taken a trip over his father's knee and he was NOT, looking forward to it.

"It's really not a big deal"

"Like hell it isn't" he hissed out, eyes narrowing

"But Dad…"

"I want your butt over here right now" Dean eyed the door, shot a glance to the window and was interrupted on his thoughts of escape as his father's voice all but growled out "right now boyo, you do not want me to start counting."

He managed to shuffle within arms reach of his father before John lost his patience and shot a long arm out to grab Dean's wrist and drag him closer. Dean was usually pretty compliant when it came to taking his punishment unless he screwed up majorly which made him nervous enough to try and stall, not that it ever helped.

John knew that it wasn't defiance, that was Sam's bit though once his youngest was over his knee Sammy tended to carry on as if he was being tortured sure it would get him right side up quicker, Dean on the other hand would bear through it, feeling guilty no doubt.

Rubbing his thumb soothingly on Dean's jumping pulse point he asked "do we need to go over why you're getting spanked?"

"No sir" came the answer, complete with a vivid blush at the word 'spanked'.

John gently guided Dean over his knee, arranging him so his torso rested on the bed before lifting his hand high and letting it fall with a loud slap on the backside before him. The swats rained down over and over, John methodically covering each inch of Dean's squirming posterior.

Dean for his part in the equation gritted his teeth as his father completed a third round, he wasn't sure what was worse knowing where each swat would land next or having no clue. He tensed as his father fingered the waistline of his pajama bottoms before sweeping them down to his knees along with his briefs.

His reaction to John's hand cracking down on his bare backside was immediate and Dean jerked forward and hissed out a quiet "fuckkkk" which John either chose to ignore or slapped down harder because of it. Dean bit down on his bottom lip trying to stifle his cries, but god it burned and seemed to take root in his chest, bringing tears to his eyes and a gasping hitch to his breathe, he could take a slam to a wall from a poltergeist any day easy but being over his father's knee was dredging up every memory of the embarrassing punishment rather quickly.

"Dad" he choked out, eyes burning, he wasn't going to take much more without crying and he wouldn't be sitting comfortable for the rest of the day. John stopped to Dean's immediate relief until he heard the unmistakable sounds of his father releasing his leather belt from its belt loops.

"No" he moaned, wriggling over his father lap unsure how to escape the rest of his punishment, his fingers twisted in the bed sheets grappling for something to help him hold his emotions in check. "Gambling is sometimes a necessity for us, but drinking and lying to me is never gonna fly kid, not to mention dragging Sammy along with you".

Dean heard the sound of the belt landing on his ass with a resounding thwack first, there was a moment of blinding white numbness before the pain hit and he yelped just as another landed beneath it. John swung the belt carefully aware of how sore and red his son's backside already was, each swat was made with controlled strength leaving a burning fire in its wake.

His heart broke at the tension riddling Dean's body, John could feel the exact moment when Dean let loose his form crumpling over John's lap and the quiet weeping began only interrupted by Dean's occasional "oww" or pleading "Dad..d..I'm sorry…pp-please" it killed him to hear his stoic son so vulnerable, he swung the belt four more times elicting whimpers and full fledged wails when it landed on Dean's sit spots and thighs.

Dean's backside was a sight to behold crimson, heat emitting from it but there would be no bruising, John was always careful with his boys he let the belt drop beside and gave Dean a few half hearted swats "You ever going to do something so stupid again?" Dean's response was immediate, muffled in his arms where he'd taken refuge "…Sir, never" was the promise.

John ran a soothing hand over Dean's lower back, hushing him with nonsense words "you're alright champ let it out, we're all finished here." The sobbing slowly came to a finish and John helped his eldest to his feet, taking in the sight of Dean's fisted hands rubbing at his eyes willing the rest of his tears away.

Pulling him into a warm hug he frowned at the hitching sobs that came "you're okay Deano?" Dean shook his head emphatically no against John's chest, one hand clutching John's flannel in a vice like grip, the other tightly wound around his father. "So stupid, shouldn't have…"

John shook his head and held his boy closer, one warm palm cradling the back of his heated neck his thumb rubbing over the sweaty strands "You're not stupid…hey" he squeezed tighter when Dean tried to pull away "you made a mistake and you more than paid for it" he moved so his forehead rested against Dean's "am I right?" Dean raised watery red rimmed eyes before letting out a stuffy snort "yes sir".

"Good, then you won't be making that mistake again" he let Dean pull away at last, biting back at grin at Dean's wobbly attempt to pull up his pants, "leave 'em, that corner over there has got your name on it". Dean shifted from one foot to the other, all little boy embarrassment "aww Dad" John guided him to the corner, stopping just short of his nose touching it "so that we're clear when you've done your time it's all over and no rubbing" he scolded lightly guiding Dean's hand away from his red backside.

Walking over to the bathroom, he knocked on the door sure that Sam had long since finished showering "let's go kiddo". To his surprise Sam shot a hand outside the door but didn't open it any further "can I get some clothes?"

John swallowed down a chuckle at Sam's modesty and shuffled through his duffle passing over a t-shirt and boxers. "Uh…pants?" Sam asked, "not gonna need 'em" John replied much to Sam's misery, the walls were paper thin in the motel and he'd heard more than enough of his brother's punishment to know his own turn at bat was going to be painful.

He took as long as possible to get dressed and nearly jumped out of his skin when his father's voice boomed out a warning "Samuel" squaring his shoulders he tried his best to look fearless as he exited the bathroom, difficult as it was to be anything but ridiculous in just boxers.

His father was already seated and Sam's eyes shot across the room at Dean's rigid stance, Sam's own ass clenched in sympathy at Dean's ruby red backside. John had to be pretty annoyed to add corner time onto a painful ass blistering.

"Let's get this over with Sammy" John crooked a finger at his youngest in a come here gesture and Sam stutter stepped forward, if Dean's ass was anything to go by mutiny would not be appreciated if even tolerated. His compliance lasted as long as it took John to draw him over his lap, one arm tucked around his waist to hold him snugly in place.

"Wait!" he twisted round trying to give John the full fledged puppy eyes of doom, "don't you think this is unnecessary?"

John blinked, hand still poised in the air "Unnecessary?" he barely managed not to roll his eyes, if he let Sam get started there would be no end in sight to how long he'd try to talk his way out of a spanking. "This is more than necessary kiddo, it's practically prescribed." His hand came down with a satisfying slap on the boxer clad bottom before him and he raised his arm again delivering sharp stinging swats.

Sam wriggled for all he was worth, his father didn't ordinarily start out with such fervor "that's too hard!" he cried in protest, John simply tightened his hold and kept the smarting slaps coming "I start out how I intend to finish."

When the swats didn't lesson in strength or speed, Sam twisted and bucked against his father's hold his face was flushed red and tears of frustration leaked from his eyes. "Stop it Dad!" John swallowed down a sigh at Sam's dramatics and spared a glance back at his eldest who was surely riling himself up if the tension in his shoulders were anything to go by.

"Enough Sammy, settle down" he swept Sam's boxers down and focused on his sit spots if his son wanted to play the victim then John would give him something to cry about. It wasn't fair Sam thought as he flinched at another sharp swat laying down heat on already smoldering flesh, he hadn't been that bad. At sixteen he shouldn't have to worry about getting a spanking let alone actually getting spanked.

Sam's feet drummed out his dislike of the situation against the floor, genuine tears began to burn at his eyes as John relentlessly swatted his son's errant backside. John stilled for a moment and Sam paused wondering if he'd let his temper go too far, his father had never been a fan of his tantrums as a child and as teen his father was even less tolerant of his wails of unfair and flailing limbs that seemed to accompany the cries of injustice.

"Dean" he turned slightly to look at his son and couldn't help the surge of pride at his son's obedient "yes sir" he hadn't turned from his position in the corner, John figured sometimes obedience was better late than never, so long as it wasn't on a hunt. "Go get cleaned up while I finish up with your brother" Sam gave a squawk of outrage at being talked about like he was laundry and John landed a sharp swat on his impudent son's thigh in reply.

Dean pulled his pajama bottoms up and shuffled over to John's side unable to just leave without a plea for lenience for Sam. "Dad it was all my idea, Sammy didn't even want to go" he tried, John fixed Dean with a firm look though his tone was gentle "Sam is getting punished for his part in your escapade and his part alone, you've already taken your medicine unless you're asking for more?" he arched a brow at the last and Dean hastily shook his head "no sir".

"Go on then" he waited until Dean had the bathroom door firmly closed with the showering running before turning back to the squirming boy still over his knee. The brief pause in the spanking had apparently given Sam the illusion that he could still get out of it. "Dad please I get it" the plea came up far too sweetly said to be an actual regret.

John simply gathered up his belt and took in a deep breath for strength "we're almost through, got to be sure you've gotten the full message." Sam whimpered at the leather resting on his heated backside, of course it wasn't over but he couldn't help trying once more "No more gambling, or drinking I promise" John nodded solemnly raising the weapon of chaisment high "and no more lying either."

Sam's sense of relief at the removal of the belt was short lived when it came down in a burning stripe across the top of his ass "I won't lie!" he agreed, the last word ending in a yelp when John brought the belt down underneath the first crimson slap. "Let's hope you remember all that this time around" was the response.

Reaching a desperate hand behind him Sam attempted to block out the next slap of his father's displeasure, "Damn it Sam" John grabbed the hand quickly and held it against the small of his back "I'm not looking to punish your hand" the last thing the oldest Winchester wanted was to harm his children, a spanking might hurt but it wouldn't do any lasting damage.

He laid down two swats, careful again to keep the swats from falling too heavily, as his little boy was sore enough. As another lick branded his ass Sam gave into the inevitable and buried his face in the crook of his free arm, the hot tears he'd been holding back flooding free.

Sam bawled as John finished with a fiery swat to the top of his thighs, the absolute picture of remorse "I'm sorry, please…I..I won't do it again" came the pathetic whimpers. John tossed the belt aside quickly drawing his baby boy up against him allowing him the comfort he so richly needed.

"All done baby, shhh you're okay" Sam buried a tear streaked, snot nosed face against his father's neck crying out the last of his shame. He eventually drew away embarrassed beyond belief at sitting on his father's lap, thank God Dean hadn't seen him or he'd never hear the end of it.

John stood as well, resting a gentle hand on Sam's shoulder "Alright there Sammy?" his youngest sniffled a few more times before lifting his gaze to his father's face "I'm never going to sit again" came the compliant along with a pout. John laughed at that rubbing a hand through Sam's messy hair "I wouldn't bet on that" Sam rolled his eyes but managed a small laugh "that's soo lame Dad, I wasn't even the one playing."

"Too busy drink down a keg?" came the stern rebuke, Sam blushed but didn't deny his father's words though he did protest as his father lead him over to the corner Dean had occupied earlier "come on Dadddd, I really am sorry." John smiled planting a kiss to the side of Sam's head before giving him a light swat "think on it anyway."

11:30 am

"Nice shiner Caleb" came from Dean complete with a smartass grin as he slid into the booth across from the older hunter. Caleb managed a smirk of his own as he watched Sam settle in next to Dean, both boys shifting in their seats to find a comfortable resting spot no doubt "bet my face looks better than your ass." Sam covered his ears in a 'hear no evil' gesture "no bets for me."

Dean managed to keep upbeat even with how difficult and painful sitting currently was "how 'bout your ass against my face" he smiled at the waitress that walked by "we could ask her to decide" Caleb let out a laugh "no chance" he rubbed lightly at the bruise on his cheek "your old man sure knows how to pack a punch"

"Tell me about it" came Sam's mutter as he perused the menu, Caleb quirked a brow as John joined them "what'd ya think Johnny, my ass or Dean's face or vice versa" John glared but faltered under the three grins aimed at him, he let out an exasperated sigh "if you're looken' for licken' Caleb there are easier ways to ask" Caleb sputtered next to him and shot Sam and Dean an evil look "that's the last time I try to save your dumbasses."

Dean and Sam laughed loudly and without restraint, sore but content with life at the moment the fat wad of cash split between going along way to lighten their moods. "Heading out after lunch boys" came from John which instantly had his sons grimacing at the thought of riding in the car,

"You're so wrong Dean" the mutter came from Sam,

"How's that?"

"You're how little 'what happens in Vegas'?"


"Tell it to my sore ass"

"Cry me a river"



"Boys" they both looked up bestowing their father with angelic smiles much to Caleb's delight. John just sighed at his everlasting torture at raising two teenage "enough, we're going to Idaho next"

"The potato state?"


"Hey Sam, say Idaho"


"Yup, u da ho"

"God Dean you're such a jerk"



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