Author: Crazydutchgirl

Prompt: #21 – Homework

Rating: PG

Type of Story: General

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Author's Note: Supernatural and its characters don't belong to me.


....and since this is the seventh time in three weeks.....

John Winchester read the line on the note in front of him again. *seventh* John sighed and shook his head, 'Dean!'
Dean was sprawled out on the couch in the living room. Well, it wasn't really a living room but more a couch in front of a TV, which served as the makeshift living room in this small rental house. It was almost eleven o'clock and John had sent Sam up to bed about an hour ago. Dean was watching a rerun of 'the A-Team' and didn't really feel like getting up at the moment, 'What?'
'Can you come in here, please?' John asked from the kitchen.

Dean sighed, 'Aw Dad, I'm watching something on....'
'NOW Dean!'
Dean rolled his eyes but recognised the tone his dad was using. He slowly got up and walked towards the kitchen, he paused in the doorway and leaned against the post. He then looked at his father, 'What?'
John raised his eyebrow and Dean smiled at his dad sheepishly, 'Sorry'
John nodded and held up the note, 'Care to explain this?'
Dean looked at the note and shrugged, 'Maybe....if I knew what 'this' is'
'I'd cut the bull if I were you, young man'
'DAD! I really don't know what it is!'
John eyed Dean suspiciously but knew his son well enough to know when he was lying or not, 'Fine' John said and picked up the note.
'Dear Mr Welling. It looks like the notes about homework that have been sent home with your son Dean have not made it to it's destination, therefore I'm sending this note by regular mail. It seems that Dean has been making a habit out of not doing, or finishing, his homework and since this is the seventh time in three weeks I wanted to make you aware of this fact. I expect all of Dean's homework to be on my desk by the end of the week or other actions will be taken. Mr Evans.'
John looked up from the note and raised his eyebrow again.

Dean shifted his foot nervously, 'Oh....that..'
'Yea Dean, *that*'
'I'll do it before Friday, I promise Dad'
John sighed, 'Seven times, Dean? Seven?!'
Dean's cheeks flushed, 'At least it wasn't every day....'
John snorted, 'Did they check every day, Dean?'
Dean looked at his feet and then slowly shook his head.
'That's what I thought..' John said, and rubbed his forehead,
'I want you to go get your schoolbooks and sit down at this kitchen table, right now'
'Now?!' Dean asked, sounding shocked
'Now Dean'
'But Dad! It's almost eleven!'
'Now Dean, I'm not saying it again'

'Fine!' Dean said and turned around to go get his books,

'You might want to drop the attitude before coming back in here', John said and put the note down on the table, he got up and poured himself another cup of coffee...this was going to be a long night....


Dean grabbed his books and walked back into the kitchen sullenly. He dropped the books down on the kitchen table with just a little too much force and the bang was a little louder than he intended it to be. John glared at his son, 'Told you to drop the attitude, last chance buddy'

Dean resisted the urge to roll his eyes, 'Yes Sir'

'Good, now show me what needs to be done and handed in by Friday'

Dean shifted from one foot onto the other, sighed and carefully looked at his dad, '*All* the things I need to catch up with by Friday?'

John nodded while Dean grimaced and opened his books. Dean showed his father the chapters and assignments that needed to be completed. John just listened until Dean stopped talking.

'That all?'

'Yea,.....' Dean said, ducked his head and blushed, '.... that and a 500 word essay on World War II'

John swore under his breath, 'Damn it Dean.......You kept telling me your homework was done, you know I don't mind when you boys don't do your homework once in a while if we're hunting or working on a case but we've been laying low for the last few weeks, there is no excuse for this Dean'

Dean looked up to face his dad, 'I know'

'Good, sit your ass down right now and get started'

'But Dad! It's eleven and I don't have to hand it in till Friday and I've got school tomorrow and...'

John interrupted his son, 'Not without homework you don't. You are going to start working on this right now and I'll let you know when you are done'

Dean sighed but knew better than to argue with his dad at this point and slowly opened his biology book.


Dean cleared his throat for the third time and John looked up. He knew his son wanted his attention but he wasn't about to make this easy on the kid. The clock showed that it was close to midnight and Dean had finished with biology. 'Thank God' John thought, 'that's one subject out of the way'.

He took a sip of his third cup of caffeine for that evening and raised his eyebrow, 'Something stuck in your throat there, son?'

Dean had his arm propped up on the table and leaned his head against his hand, 'I'm thirsty Dad, can I have some coffee too?'

John shook his head and got up. He took a glass out of the cupboard and filled it with water from the tap. He listened to the whiny reply from his son, 'Why can't I have some coffee? I'm falling asleep here Dad'

'Because normal 15 year olds don't drink coffee' John said while putting the glass of water in front of Dean.

'I'm not normal'

Dean pouted and John looked at Dean for a few moments, trying to hide his smile as much as possible, 'True.....but you're still not getting any coffee'

'You're a tyrant you know that' Dean said scowling and let his head drop down on his math book.

John smiled, 'So I've heard, now sit back up and do you homework'

Dean tilted his head up a little and looked at his dad with pleading eyes, 'Can't I go to bed Dad? I promise I'll finish tomorrow'

'Homework, Dean' was all that John said. Dean sighed but recognised the tone and slowly sat back up, cursing his dad and his stubbornness while picking up his pencil. Dean wasn't having a hard time with the exercises and assignments, it was the amount of them and the fact that it was now midnight. Dean wrote down another set of numbers when he suddenly heard a voice behind him, 'Why is Dean still up?'

John looked up from his journal and Dean turned his head around to see Sam standing in the doorway, neither one of them had heard him come down. Sam padded into the kitchen bare foot and looked at his father and older brother, he rubbed his eyes sleepily.

'Why are you up?' John asked his youngest and looked at him while the kid yawned.

'I dreamed I was dying and saw my life flash before me' Sam said, worry showing on his face.

John was about to say something when Dean snorted sarcastically, 'Ha, what did ya see...the library?'

'Dean...' John warned.

Dean smiled at his dad sheepishly, 'Homework, yea, got it'

Dean went back to work. John patted his knee and pulled Sam into his lap and kissed his forehead, 'Nobody is gonna die ok? Not on my watch,'

John could hear that Dean was about the pipe up again, and pointed his finger in Dean's direction, not taking his eyes of Sam and continued, 'Zip it Dean,......It was just a dream Sammy and everything will be alright, okay?'

Sam nodded and gave his father a quick hug and John ruffled his youngest hair before standing him up, 'Come on Sammy, back to bed'

'But why is Dean still up?'

Dean rolled his eyes and looked at his brother, 'You want to stay up and do homework at 12.30 in the morning?'

Sam opened his mouth to speak but Dean beat him to it, 'Don't answer it squirt, I take back the question, fairly sure I know the answer already'

John shook his head and gave Sam a gentle push towards to door and stairs, 'Goodnight Sammy,'

John watched Sam walk back up the stairs. He then turned around and smacked his oldest across the back of his head before sitting back down in his chair, 'Ow! What was that for?! Geez Dad!'

'Last chance, cut the sarcastic bull and get to work'

A twinkle appeared in Dean's eyes and he smirked at his dad, biting on the back of his pencil, 'Yes Sir'

Dean worked on his math for a few more minutes and then dropped his pencil and sat back in his chair, crossing his arms 'I'm done for today', he stated.

John ignored his son. 'You trying to teach me a lesson here dad or just trying to get me to do my homework?'

John tried his best to ignore Dean a little longer but the attitude the kid was sporting wasn't something John was going to allow.

'I said, I'm *done*'

There was no reaction. Dean just wanted to get to bed, or get out of the kitchen, but either way, he had enough of this. 'Dad,' he said, sounding whinier than he had intended to sound. 'I don't want to be sitting here doing my homework at...' Dean looked at the clock 'twelve fucking forty-five, I'm done.'

John could ignore a lot, the attitude, even the whining, but the language, that was Dean just taking it one step too far, 'Your right,..'

John said and stood up, ''re done,..' he grabbed Dean by the arm and hauled him upright, 'you're done using language like that and while your at it, rein in that attitude mister'.

The words were accompanied by several hard swats to Dean's backside. 'Ow! Dad! Stop! I'm sorry!'

A few more swats landed on the seat of Dean's jeans and Dean bucked his hips to try and get away from the punishing hand, 'DAD!'

John placed four final hard swats on Dean's sit spot, which caused Dean to shriek out, and then stopped swatting his son's bottom. He turned the kid around so he was facing him,

'Yes?' he asked casually

Dean frowned and rubbed his butt, 'That hurt', he said, pout clearly forming on his face, eyes blinking back some tears.

'Good', John said, 'You've been pushing it from the get-go, I don't want to hear that kind of language again, got that?'

Dean nodded and looked at the floor, 'Yes Sir'

John sighed and looked at the clock, 'Ok, I guess it is time for you to be done..',

John saw Dean look up hopefully, '..doesn't mean we're not gonna be back here together tomorrow night, young man'.

Dean was quick to agree and nodded, he just wanted to get to bed. 'I know Dad and I'll start after dinner tomorrow, I promise'.

John smiled, 'Ok, then get your books and head up to bed, I could use some sleep myself'.

Dean smiled and quickly gathered his books together and turned around to leave the kitchen when he heard his father's voice again 'Dean,..'

Dean turned around and saw John leaning against the table with open arms, 'Come here....goofball'

Dean blushed a little and snorted but found himself on the receiving end of one of his father's great, warm, bear hugs.

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