Author: Blueeyedgirl70

Prompt: # 17 - Stealing

Type of Story: General

Rating: PG

Author's Website: None

Author's Notes: This story was co-written by Kat. Disclaimer: We don't own the characters of John, Dean or Sam Winchester. Were just playing with them. In this story Dean is 11, and Sammy is 7.


John hated having to move the boys in the middle of the school year but things had gotten complicated in Wichita and here they were.

"All right boys, have a good day and behave' John firmly told them. 'And Dean make sure Sammy gets to class okay.'

"Yes sir" Dean sighed. "Come on Francis" he said as he heads inside.

"Bye Daddy! Sammy yelled as he followed Dean inside earning him a classic eye roll from his older brother.

"What?" he asks.

Dean shook his head "You're such a little geek"

'Am not" he retorted.

Dean snorted "Oh, okay Samantha"

Sammy lightly punched him on the arm "jerk"

"Bitch" Dean replied back walking him to his class "See ya later"

"Bye Dean" Sammy said nervously as he walked into his classroom.

Dean waited a second then headed to his own class going inside and taking a seat.

The teacher Mrs Jenkins noticed Dean walk in "Class we have a new student today." "Jonathan Winchester, Jonathan come on up here."

Dean turned red and stood walking to the front of the class "Um, it's Dean."

I apologize. Everyone this is Dean. Dean, tell us a little about yourself" Mrs Jenkins told him.

"Like what?" he asked her.

"Like about your family, where you're from, what your dad does for a living, things like that" she told him.

"Well, it's just me and my dad and my little brother Sammy." "He's almost eight." "We were born in Lawrence, KS but we left after my mom died when I was four and Sammy was six months old." "My dad's a mechanic and we move around a lot." he said shuffling his feet.

Mrs. Jenkins smiled "Thank you Dean, have a seat."

Dean quickly returned to his seat.

Over in the second grade classroom Sammy was standing up in front shyly not liking having to talk in front of everyone without Dean there. Later, he went out front to meet Dean who is standing out front with David a boy from his class.

"Hey Dean, do you have a game boy?" David asked him.

"Nah, Dean replied.

"Well we're going to the mall tomorrow after school, you should come." "I'm taking one." he told him.

"You're gonna take a game boy?" Dean asked him.

"Well yeah, like, everyone does it" David told him.

Dean shrugged "If you say so" He said, wondering where Sammy is.

David hands him his number "Call me later, if you can go." he got in his mom's car.

Dean stuffed the number in his pocket.

Sammy finally gets through all the kids and goes over to Dean. "I don't like this school" he tells him.

"Why?" Dean asks him.

"My teacher made me get up in from of everyone and talk about my family."

"Yeah, so did mine, Francis." Dean tells him.

Just then John pulls up.

"Whatever, Sammy gets in the car "Hi Daddy"

"Hey baby, how was school" he asks.

"I don't like it" Sammy tells him.

Dean rolls his eyes getting in the front seat "His teacher made him get up in front of the class and introduce himself.

"She did huh? John smiles and heads for their small rental house. "How was school for you dude? He asks Dean.

"It was school Dad, Different city. Same old crap." Dean tells him.

John laughs "It'll get better kiddo"

Dean shrugs "No biggie"

John leads them in "Homework"

Dean sighs "Yes sir getting out his homework and starting it ""

"Yeah?" he answers.

"A kid from school invited me to go to the mall with him after school tomorrow..." he tells him.

John smiles "He did huh, well I don't see why not, I'll take you and pick you up he tells him glad Dean made a new friend so


"Okay, I'm going to go give him a call can tell him" Dean say getting up from the kitchen table.

"Finish your homework first" John says firmly.

"Yes sir" Dean sighs.

The next afternoon John picks up all three boys from school "So how was school?" he asks them?"

"It was fun, we played games" Sammy says excitedly as Dean rolls his eyes and David snorts.

John smiles "You did huh" "So you like it better today?"

"Yeah" Sammy says grinning.

Dean are you gonna introduce me to your friend?" John asks him.

"Oh, sorry." Dad this is David" he says to John"

"David this is my dad John" he says to David"

"Nice to meet you David" John says.

"Thanks, you too Mr Winchester" David replies.

John drops the boys off at the mall "I'll be back at five" he tells them.

"Yes sir" Dean replies getting out of the car.

"Okay" David says.

Dean heads into the mall with David.

David goes into the game store looking around carefully before snatching a gameboy and sticking it in his bookbag.

Dean follows David into the store after scoping it out quickly snatching a gameboy as well.

Both boys then head for the door.

A security guard sees both boys take the gameboys and follows them out of the store "Hold on a second there boys."

Dean stops and turns around "Is there a problem sir?" he asks

"Take those two gameboy's you two took out of your bags and hand them over" he tells them.

"We didn't take anything." David says.

"Gameboy's? Dean says innocently.

"Now please." the security guard says.

David rolls his eyes and takes the gameboy out of his bag and hands it over "There, happy?"

Dean glare at David for a second not believing he gave in so easy then hands the one he has over too.

The security guard then takes them to the security office getting their phone numbers and calls both their parents.

Dean sits in the security office waiting nervously knowing his dad is gonna blister his ass when he gets his hands on him.

Pissed off John drives to the mall and leads Sammy in, going into the security office he gives Dean a stern look.

Dean gives his dad a patented Dean smile "Hey dad"

"Lose the smile Jonathan Dean, your are in BIG trouble"

Dean quickly loses the smile.

Once things are taken care of John leads Dean and Sammy to the Impala landing a hard swat to Dean's behind before putting him in

'And that's just a taste of what you're gonna get at home.' he growls.

Dean yelps turning beet red in the process "Daaad..."

Sammy gets in quietly not wanting to make his dad any angrier than he already is.

John gets in and heads for home "Stealing?" "Dammit Dean you know better?"

Dean looks at the floor "I learned it from you..." he says moodily

"Excuse me? "I don't steal frivolus things Jonathan Dean" he says angrily

"What's the difference" Dean replies rudely.

"I use the credit cards for hunting, but for regular things I use my own hard earned cash little boy." "The difference is you stole

to impress your friends" he angrily replies.

Dean rolls his eyes


Dean jumps at the yell.

Sammy bursts into tears.

John sighs "It's okay baby" he drives home and leads the boys inside.

Once inside he turns to Dean "Get upstairs"

Dean sighs and heads up to his room.

John pulls Sammy into a hug "Shh, it's okay baby." "You stay down here okay."

Sammy wipes his eyes "Okay"

Dean nervously waits upstairs in his room.

John goes up to his room and grabs the hairbrush then heads into the boys room sitting down on Dean's bed. "Come here"

Dean sees the hairbrush and pales "Dad...please.."

"Now" John says sternly.

Dean sighs and reluctantly goes over to his dad.

"I don't care what the reason is, stealing something just because you want it is wrong." "Using the credit cards isn't right

either kid, but I do what I have to to keep us alive." "Understand?"

Dean shrugs "Whatever"

John grabs his arm landing two sharp swats "Wanna try that again?"

Dean yelps at the sting of the swats "Yes sir" he answers.

"Good, now get your jeans down" he sternly tells him.

"Fine" Dean says unfastening his belt and jeans pushing them down

John pulls him over his lap and pulls down his underwear, raising his hand and bringing it down sharply "You better lose the

attitude little boy" landing two more sharp swats "Now why are you getting spanked?"

"Owww..." Dean yelps at the swats "f..for stealing"

"That's right kiddo" John replies then starts spanking steadily, covering his behind twice with firm swats before tipping him


Dean hisses at the sting of the swats. He closes his eyes tight biting his bottom lip to keep from crying out and when he's tipped

forward he grabs hold of his dad's pant leg.

John swats his thigh "Let go of the lip" he says sternly

"Owww..." Dean cries out letting go of his lip.

John lands ten swats to his underside and five to his thighs before picking up the brush "Almost done kiddo"

"Owww..." Dean let's out a wail at the swats to his thighs and when he feels his dad pick up the brush he throws his hand back

"N...n...nooo.." he cries out

John sighs and gently moves his hand holding it to the small of his back "Almost done kiddo" he lands ten swats total of the

brush, five to his behind and five to his thighs then tosses the brush aside and gently replaces his clothing lifting him up

"Shhh, it's over kiddo"

Dean let out a sob at the first swat of the brush and when the brush connects with his thighs he just wails "I...I'm s..sorry" he

cries sobbing hysterically and when he's lifted into his dad's arms he just clings to him.

John just holds him rubbing his back in soothing circles "Shhh, it's okay baby, no more sorries." "It's over and all forgiven, shhh."

Dean held onto him tight still crying hard.

John continues to rub his back and kisses the top of his head "I love you Dean." "Shhh, it's okay baby, daddy's got you." he

starts to hum Mary's song.

Dean starts to relax a bit at the sound of his dad's voice and he turns his head laying it on his dad's shoulder.

John continues to rub his back kissing his cheek and rocking a bit. "Shhh, that's my boy, daddy's got you baby, it's okay' he soothed continuing to hum.

Dean continues to calm down.

John rubs his back "No more stealing, understand?"

Dean nods "Yes sir" still sniffling a bit.

John kisses his head "I love you kiddo" he hugs him tight letting him stay there as long as he wants.

"I love you too dad" he continues to lay there a little while longer then finally sits up wiping his eyes.

John smiles "Why don't you go wash your face and I'll go get something for dinner, okay?"

"'kay" he carefully slides off his dad's lap refastening his jeans with a visible wince.

John smiles "It'll get better kiddo" he gets up and pulls him into a hug.

Dean hugs him back holding on tight.

John kisses his head "Go on pal"

"Yes sir" he goes and washes his face and heads downstairs.

John goes and gets McDonald's for dinner and comes back

Dean is laying on the couch watching tv.

"Come eat boys" John yells.

Sammy comes in grabbing his happy meal sitting down to eat.

John handed Dean his two double cheeseburgers with extra onions and fries "Sit down kiddo"

Dean sighed and gingerly sat down to eat as John handed out the drinks and sat down to enjoy his own meal.

Later that night John went up after Sammy was asleep and tucked Dean in, laying next to him and rubbing his back. "Go to sleep baby, daddy's here." He said gently, starting to hum Mary's song.

It didn't take long for Dean to fall asleep, and John smiled; laying there still he wrapped his arms around him and settled down, also falling asleep.

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