Author: Buffyxenaman

Prompt: #11 - Money

Rating: PG 13

Type of Story: Slash

Author’s Website: Buffyxenaman’s Page

Author’s Note: This is story 100 for me. I’m exited I got this far. Thanks to all for supporting my fictions since 2005, and here is to 100 more. Disclaimer: I own nothing here. Summary: Castiel learns an important lesson.


It was a slow day for Castiel. Dean was taking a nap and there was nothing on TV. He didn’t want to sit in the chair all day waiting for Dean to wake up. Castiel could wake him up, but Dean could be grumpy when he was woken up for something non Demon related. There had to be something to do until he woke up.

Castiel sat in his chair for a long time staring at the wall. His brain thinking up ideas of what could be done. Then out of the blue an idea hit him. Quickly he got out of his seat and walked to the nightstand. He grabbed Dean’s wallet, opened it up and took out the credit card. He might as well give this plastic a try, but just in case, he took all the cash from Dean’s wallet, too.

“Alright let’s see what we can get with you.”

# # #

The first stop Castiel made was to a men’s clothing store. He figured he would stop there and do something Dean always wanted him to do, and that was to buy some new clothes. Walking into the store he saw it was just about filled with every piece of clothing you could think of. A man at the door gave him a cart.

“Where to begin?” the angel asked himself while looking around. After looking for a few minutes, he decided to go to the T-shirts and get some.

“Wow,” was the only thing he could think of to say when he saw the large amount of different colors and styles of shirts. Taking his time Castiel pick out thirty different shirts.

“Moving along,” he sang as he went to find pants. He spent several minutes trying to find his right size, and then picked out twenty pairs of pants. Before checking out, he got a few belts, some socks, and two pairs of shoes.

The man at the front counter rang up his order. “That will be $500.64.”

Castiel handed over the card and added an extra 40 for delivery before leaving.

“Dean will be so surprised that I got myself some new clothes,” Castiel said to himself with a smile.

At the next store, he bought something called a jock strap for $15.99. Continuing down the street, he found a place that sold jackets of all types. He got two new trench coats for $200.30 each. Next he went to a Wal-Mart, where he got bathroom supplies, and a large bottle of lube for Dean. It all came to $30.22

“I’m hungry,” the angel announced to himself when he walked pass a restaurant with a large flyer for 10 burgers for $10.99.

“Wow, that sounds so good, and maybe if I remember I’ll get a to-go bag for Dean. Which means, I should get three of those bags, and then we can have great dinner tonight.” Castiel walked into the restaurant, and placed the order. He stood by the counter, not noticing an Impala pulling into the parking lot.

Walking outside with a large bag of burgers, he saw a surprising sight. Dean was leaning against his car with his arms crossed and an annoyed look on his face. The clueless Castiel ran to him with a smile.

“Hey Dean, I thought you were napping.”

“I was until a man with several boxes woke me up.”

“I bought clothes today.”

Dean got off the car and opened the passenger door. “When get back to the motel room, we’ll have a talk about that.”
# # #

“Why are you mad Dean? And why aren’t you eating the burgers? They will get cold.”

Dean was pacing around the room trying to decide what to do.

“Dean, are you mad at me?”

Suddenly Dean stopped, and opened and closed his mouth. He took in a deep breath, and then opened his mouth again. This time words did come out. “Leave the receipts on the bed, and go get cleaned up.”

Castiel reached into his pocket, placed them on the bed, and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

A moment later Dean heard the shower turn on. “Before I do anything, I need to see how much he spent,” Dean said. He sat on the bed, and began to do the math with a calculator. A few clicks later Dean’s mouth fell open with shock at the number he saw before him. “$1050.38!”

That was a lot to spend in a few hours. Dean lay on the bed trying to wrap his head around what just happened. Castiel was in a trouble, but how much trouble should he be in for. Castiel did disappear without leaving a note, went into his wallet and took his credit card and cash, which was over a thousand dollars. But could he really punish Cas for that? Dean had never explained about spending and money. Deep down he’d hoped it would never come up. Boy was he wrong, big time. Slowly Dean got off the bed and walked to the duffel bag on the table.

“Well, I can punish him for leaving and stealing, but how do I take care of the spending part. I have to be careful about it, and smart.” Dean reached into his bag and grabbed the thing tha had caught his eyes a while ago, a large wooden hairbrush. “It’s best to get this done and over with.”

Castiel walked out of the bathroom naked and dry. “Dean are you mad at me?” he asked again when he saw the man sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Come on over here Cas.”

He slowly walked towards the man, not sure what was going to happen. Once he was next to Dean, a hand pulled him onto the bed.

“You know what you did was wrong, right?” was Dean’s question.

“What do you mean?”

“Leaving without telling me, and stealing from my wallet.”

“I didn’t think you would mind.”

“Well you were wrong,” Dean answered in a harsh voice that scared Castiel. “With this life we live, you can’t disappear on me like that. There are evils out there that would love to hurt you to get to me. Do you understand that?”

“Now I do.”

Dean gave nod, and picked up the hairbrush that was lying next to him, and studied it. Castiel was confused as to what Dean was doing with the hairbrush.

“Cas, you do know what is about to happen to you, right?”

“Kind of.”

Slowly, Dean turned his head to face the other one. “You know we will be having a long talk about this.” Castiel gave a nod of his head.

Dean tapped the brush lightly on the palm of his hand. “There is no use delaying this any longer.” Grabbing Castiel’s arm as a precaution, Dean said, “You are grounded for two months, you will be paying me back all the money you owe me, and you will be getting a spanking.”

The third part got Castiel’s attention. He tried to get up and run to the bathroom to lock the door, but Dean already had his arm in his hand. “No, please,” he begged, as his body was pulled across Dean’s lap.

After a minute of struggling Dean had an arm wrap around Castiel’s waist, and the hairbrush raised. Steeling himself for what had to be done, he let the brush fall down with a loud smack, ignoring the whimper from Castiel as he let it fall again.

“Ouch!” The brush rained down all over Castiel’s backside.

Two minutes into the spanking Dean saw that the butt had turned a nice shade of dark red. Throwing the brush down, he aimed his hand at the sit spots for fourteen hard blows.

“Were done,” he told a sobbing Castiel. Knowing he hadn’t been heard, Dean went to the part he wanted to do. Picking Castiel up in his arms, he held his lover in a tight bear hug. Kissing him a few times, he said, “It’s ok, I forgive you,” in a soothing voice. It took some time, and one tear stained shoulder of a shirt, but the angel did eventually claim down.

“I’ll let you keep the stuff you bought, but you’re still working for them. Understand me?”


“Good, we’re going to have a long talk after you take a nap.”

“Will you lay down with me?”

“Of course.” In a moment, he had the man he loved laying on his chest.

“Dean, the burgers are cold now,” Castiel said in a sleepy voice.

“Don’t worry I’ll microwave them for us later.”

With that Castiel went to sleep and Dean reached for the remote and turned on the TV.

# # #

They had their talk later on, as they ate the reheated hamburgers. Dean explained that Castiel never should have left without telling him, whether he’d been napping or not. If Castiel wanted to learn how to use a credit card, he should have asked first, and they could have gone shopping together. There was also a lecture about doing anything in the human world that Castiel didn’t understand without him, which was a bad idea, and would land him over Dean’s lap again.

Castiel listened and learned from this. He promised never to go through Dean’s wallet, or take money from him ever again without asking.

Dean reminded him that while he was grounded, there was no going anywhere unless he was given permission. Bedtime was at nine, no arguments, and he was to stay within eyesight at all times. Dean even thought of a payment plan for Castiel to work on over the next two months.

All the hamburgers were gone when they finished. Feeling full and sleepy, Dean leaned against the headboard with his troublemaker.

“I always want you to remember one thing when I punish you, Cas.”

“What is that Dean?”

Leaning down Dean placed a few kisses on the lips of his lover. “I love you no matter what.”

“Good to know. I still love you, even when I get punished.”

Their lips locked again for a long kiss, which soon turned into a heated make out session. Looks like Castiel will be working off the first fifty dollars tonight.

The End
A/n: thank for reading and I hope you enjoyed story 100.

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