Author: Razzie2414
Prompt: Blood
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: slight swearing, spanking of an adult (who is acting like a child)
Author's Website: Razzie's LJ
Author's Note: This takes place sometime during season 2. Dean has gone too far this time.


I was confirming some last minute facts on my laptop, when Dean called my name. I glanced up in time to see a straw wrapper come flying at my face and hit me in the nose. I gave Dean a "what the hell?" look and he grinned around the straw between his lips.

"Hey, Sammy? Whatcha doin'?"

I couldn't believe it, why was my brother, of all people, asking me this? I was taking one last look at the facts on Vizeetresses before I went to interview the victim's wife. He knew that. "Making some last minute notes. Why?"

"Just wondering." He seemed pleased with himself, but it felt like he got the greatest joy from distracting me. I closed the laptop and turned to put it away in my backpack. Getting up from the dingy table in just one more of the cheap diners we always ate at, I told him I was going back to the room to change into my suit. I grabbed for my cup of double latte caramel mocha, and top came flying off, (a little too easily if you ask me) and the entire cup of lukewarm liquid splashed all over my chest and legs. Now I really needed to get changed. I stood there dripping, until I heard a chuckle from Dean's side of the table.

"You're supposed to drink that, Sam, not wear it!"

"Did you loosen the lid, Dean?"

"Who, me?" He pretended to look innocent, but he was smirking the whole time. I stared at him with what he calls my 'bitchface', then turned and headed for the room. Laughing to himself, Dean paid the bill and followed along behind me.

When we got into the room, I had a shower, then came out and opened my duffel to get out my clothes. I found each and every piece of my clothing tied together, end to end, in a long rope. This would be great if I needed to escape from a third floor window, but now it was a total aggravation. "Dean! What the hell did you do this for? Everything is all wrinkled and I'm already running late! Thanks a lot! Quit doing stuff to me! What's wrong with you today, Dude? if you wanna start another prank war, I'm ready. You'll be sorry, though. I mean it, Dean!"

"Easy, Tiger! Just having a little fun! Don't get your panties in a bunch! Oh, wait,.... they already are!" This pronouncement caused him to fall backwards onto his bed, laughing his head off at his own joke. I was finally dressed, so I left him there. I made to the appointment just in time and listened carefully as the poor woman described the thing that had swooped down out of the trees and attacked her husband. I assured her I would get back to her if I learned anything new, and started back to the motel room.

Opening the door, I called out to Dean, but got no answer. When I cleared the doorway, I found him lying on his back, on his bed. Not breathing, glassy eyes staring at the ceiling, his whole body covered, and dripping with blood.

"DEAN! DEAN!" I screamed, running over to his lifeless body and cradling him in my arms. What had happened here? Had the Vizeetress tracked us back to this room, and slaughtered my brother while I was gone? How had he gotten the drop on Dean? I tried to make sense of the whole thing as tears filled my eyes, and I pulled my big brother closer in to my body. It was only then I noticed he was vibrating, sort of. Almost trembling. I rolled Dean over onto his back again, and saw how he was trying hard to not laugh out loud. He popped one eye open and looked at me.

"Hey, Sam! Want some cherry jello?"

That did it. That was it. The last straw. I saw red (and not cherry jello red) as I flipped Dean over on his stomach, and held him down. I moved so fast it took him a few moments to react and try to break my hold. But I had the anger and the adrenaline working in my favor. I made sure I smacked his ass as hard as I could. I didn't bother to count how many times I walloped him, or pay any attention to him as he fought, apologized, and begged me to stop. I kept spanking until I was panting for breath, and my hand had gone numb. I just stopped and let go. I stepped back from him, still mad, but worn out. Dean gingerly worked his way off the bed, and stood watching me. "Dean, how could you do that to me? You scared the hell out of me. That was so not funny."

Dean moved toward me, then stopped, not sure if I was willing to accept his nearness. "Sam, I'm sorry. That was a really stupid joke. Seriously. I was just playing around with you earlier, but yeah, this was too much. I went too far. Can you forgive me, Dude?"

"I'm thinking about it. Maybe. I'll let you know."

"I mean it, Sam , really. I'm sorry. No more joking around, at least not like that. Man, I gotta tell you, though, you smack pretty hard! I may never sit down again."

"You deserved it, Dean! I thought the Vizeetress had gotten you. Don't ever do that to me again, Bro."

Dean came closer and threw an arm across my shoulders. "Tell you what. I'll buy you dinner, wherever you wanna go, and we can even listen to your emo crap on the way over, ok?"

"Ok." So I let him buy me dinner, and I did eventually forgive him. After all, he is my big brother. What else could I do?

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