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Dishonesty Comes with a Price - This story is a tag to S2E3 of Once Upon a Time, ‘Lady of the Lake’, and contains spoilers for the episode, and everything up to that point. My take on how David could have responded to Henry's behavior. Posted October 2012.

Once Upon a Time Ficlets - Two little ficlets I wrote for a challenge. One Regina/Hook, and one David/Snow. Posted June 2013.

Jump Ship - A little blurb from Season 3 Episode 1 'The Heart of the Truest Believer'. This is how I wish David had reacted to Emma jumping off the ship. Posted December 2013.

Magic Interrupted - This ficlet takes place during Season 2 Episode 20 'The Evil Queen'. David catches Emma trying some magic, and his parental insticts kick in. Posted December 2013

He's Your Son - This story takes place during Season 2 Episode 17 'Welcome to Storybrook'. Written by request for a friend who wanted to see a Neal and Henry story. March 2015

A Spell Gone Wrong Part One - This story starts directly after Season 2 Episode 14 'Manhattan', and has spoilers for everything up to that point, but my story takes a much different turn than the show did. Rumple wants his son Neal to become a child again so he can give him the childhood he missed, but Neal doesn't want that, and the spell backfires on Rumple. Posted April 2016.

A Spell Gone Wrong Part Two - This story was so long that I decided to post it in two parts. Rumple becomes less and less happy with his situation, and is desperate to find a way out. Posted April 2016.

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