I've spent hours going through site after site, and story after story trying to find well written stories with spanking in them. Here are some good ones that I've found.

Story Sites in Alphabetical Order

Amethyst - A site with some wonderfully written spanking stories from the shows 'The Sentinel' and 'Stargate SG1'. She also has a couple of guest authors who have very good stories as well.

Ann's Writings - This site has a few different fandoms inculding Angel and Supernatural, and at least one original character story. Many of her stories are long and indepth, and I always find her stories to be in character.

BlackFox12 - BlackFox12 writes for many, many different fandoms, and a lot of the fandoms are somewhat obscure, which can be a lot more fun and exciting than reading a bunch of stories from the same fandom.

Cat2000 & Hope1iz Fanfics - Cat2000 (aka: BlackFox12 above) has made a website for her and her co-author Hope1iz. Lot's of awesome fanfics from a variety of fandoms, all with some kind of spanking. And pictures too!

Cascade Waters - Cascade has both general stories and some discipline stories in a variety of fandoms including Smallville, Numb3rs, Pretender, Supernatural and One Tree Hill. She's a good writer and a nice person.

Cyndra Rae - Cyndra Rae's LJ has many wonderful stories for your enjoyment. She writes X-Men, Supernatural, Charmed, Smallville, and other fandoms. She mostly writes slash, but she does write spanking stories as well, and they are clearly marked on her page. All well written, emotional, and engaging stories.

Eloise - This LJ has quite a few general Supernatural stories that are well written and fun to read. If you find that you really enjoy her stories, and you have a LiveJournal account, you can 'friend' her, and then read her 'R' rated stories as well.

Evgeniya - Evgeniya's page has some wonderful slashy and spanky True Blood stories that are very well written. I see Russell and Talbot in a whole new light because of these stories.

Flynn - This LJ has many Supernatural stories with a wide variety of kinks, one of the biggest being spanking - Hooray! It is slash between the two main character, i.e. Wincest. And for those of you who like spanking and slash, but kind of think the whole incest thing is squicky, you should probably stay away. But you'll be missing out on some yummy spanking scenes. :)

Heiress Mellie - So far there is only one story, but it is long enough to be three books. It's a sweet X-Men First Class fanfic, and it's all about the team becoming a family. I also know for a fact Heiress Mellie has written quite a few other spanking stories for other fandoms, which hopefully will get loaded at some time in the future.

Jenna - Jenna is a very good friend of mine, and she has written some awesome stories. You can find them at her site with the link above. My personal favorite of hers is 'The Lindsey Files'. She also has a Buffy/Spike story, a Smallville story, an Ares from Xena story, and a Dicky Roberts story that she wrote for me *blush*. You can also find some of her stories at her LiveJournal, but she doesn't update it as frequently. Jenna's LiveJournal

Jlbrew30 - Jlbrew30 (aka Jamie) writes in many different fandoms, which is something I always appreciate in a writer. Most of his stories focus on the relationships between fathers and sons, and most of his stories contain some kind of discipline or spanking. Awesome, right? :) It's hard to say which one is my favorite. I really enjoy his Voyagers! stories, because that fandom is hard to find. I also love his SeaQuest DSV stories, because I always thought Bridger should be more of a father to Lucas. But I think my favorite might be his Stargate story.

Katja - Katja has a wonderful site with lots of stories. My favorite authors there are: Ellen, Pam, Jubes, Haruka, and Katja herself. Many spanking stories from various fandoms. (Quite a few of my stories are archived there as well.)

Krtlvr - Krtlvr is my favorite Glee Blaine/Kurt fanfic writer. The stories are slash (obviously), and they are long, well written, and full of consensual spanking both for punishment and for fun.

Larrkin - Larrkin has quite a few wonderful LOTR stories. A few of the stories have slash, but it is very mild, and not at all graphic, and most of her stories are not directly slash. The stories are long and indepth and are about the main characters in the fellowship. Great stuff.

Literate Lunatic - This is an LJ for 'scourgeofeurope' aka Krist, who is writing a crossover Dark Angel & Supernatural story. It's a work in progress called 'Wellspring', and it's full of sweet family moments that make me feel all squishy inside, but there's no spanking in it.

Little Leaf of the Redwoods - This page has a story I recommend called 'Knots'. It's a wonderfully written work in progress about three brothers. The oldest brother at 18 is left in charge of his two younger teen brothers for the summer. The story is full of brotherly love and bonding with no slash, and some spanking as punishment.

Little Spanko - A site with some great spanking stories, AND a prompt challenge for any author who wants to join the fun.

Minx - Minx writes in a variety of fandomes including Firefly, Angel, Supernatural, and X-Men. I was really happy to find someone else who writes Firefly stories with spanking in them. :) This is a link to her website.

Nelson - Nelson has some wonderful Angel stories, and I recommend all of them. Both some parental type stories involving Angel and Connor with no slash, and some slash spanking stories involving Angel and Spike and even Lindsey. Nelson also has a large selection of long and well written M/M slash original character stories with spanking in them.

Nocturnal Narratives - Nocturnal's LJ has quite a few well written and indepth Supernatural stories including some works in progress. My personal favorite story is 'Testing the Limits' with 'Sam and Dean go Shopping' as a close second. If you're looking for stories about Sam and Dean when they were little, she has quite a few. And she's a really nice person too. :)

Pdantzler - Pdantzler, aka Victorian Chik, has some very well written stories in various fandoms including Supernatural, Angel, Harry Potter, and Peter Pan. My favorites are her Supernatural stories (Though I haven't finished her Harry Potter stories, so maybe when I do they will be my favorites). You can also find her Harry Potter stories archived HERE

Ranger and Rolf - They write M/M slash original characters with spanking. Lots of detailed stories that are very well written. I very much reccomend Ranger's 'Nick and Damion' stories, and pretty much anything Ranger and Rolf write together.

Rogue - Rogue, aka Astrangerfate, writes wonderful Supernatural discipline fics. This is a link to her Archive of Our Own account.

Secretary Story - This is a site with a long and involved story which mixes the movie 'Secretary' with the Buffy characters Wesley and Faith in the main roles. It's well written and wonderfully in tune with the kink of the movie.

Sinful Shack of Slashiness and Spankiness - One of my favorite sites, that gets updated almost every Friday. I love Raven's stories, most of which are slash with spanking, and I reccomend: On her Misc Page - 'Andromeda', 'Buffy', and 'Queer as Folk' stories. In her X-Files sections my favorite stories are - 'Moss, Sable, and Jade', 'Domestic Bliss', 'The Captive - A Pirate-y Thing', 'B,D,&E', 'Bad Dog', and 'Certs'. I also really enjoy Ruth's 'I Have Seen the Face of God' series which is a Q as F and X-Files cross over. And Gaby has a wonderful series called 'Independence' which is an Alternate Univers X-Files story. (For those of you who DON"T like slash, the Independence series is slash free, and a very sweet story about a father/son type relationship.)

Spanking the Winchesters - This is an LJ comunity called 'spn_spankings' dedicated to stories about Supernatural with spanking. Lots of stories to read, episodes to talk about, and spanky discussions to be had with people who are friendly.

The Tea Room - This is a link to a page of links. LOL. Many of the links on my page are also on this page, but she has quite a few more links then me.

Uni - Uni has stories from a few different fandomes. Her Connor series is what originally inspired me to write my Connor series.

Xanthe - A great site with many slash and spanking stories and a ton of links and recomendations. My personal favorite of Xanthe's is 'Walter Skinner's Day Off'. Besides X-Files, she also has some Stargate Atlantas stories, and some West Wing stories.