Author's Note: I was cleaning out my emails and found this five-word prompt I had sent to another author. I decided to write a drabble. Verse/Setting: After the movie Sorcerer's Apprentice (Nicolas Cage version). Elements: cuddly, defiance, gecko, pineapple, slippery
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the movie Sorcerer's Apprentice and I'm not making any money from this fic
Warning(s): AU; discipline of an adult.

Slippery Slope

Dave gripped Balthazar's leg tightly and closed his eyes in an attempt to stop crying, but his master would not allow him to remain quiet. When the older man delivered yet another five strong slaps to his sit spot all defiance seeped out of the sorrowful apprentice. "I'm sooooorry!" he wailed, fully repentant, desiring only that his master forgive him.

Though he was relieved that Dave was finally submitting to the discipline instead of fighting it, Balthazar steeled his resolve. The boy needed to learn this lesson and learn it well- so he kept smacking the bright red bottom laid out across his lap. The child would learn the lesson being imparted.

It was a slippery slope that sorcerers risked losing themselves to when they toyed with living creatures. If it needs be done, then it would be done carefully and with respect to the creature being involved- it would not be done as a joke without care for the being that was being used. Even if it was only a gecko as Dave had argued before being pulled over Balthazar's knee.

Balthazar continued peppering the heated skin of his charge, only letting up on the strength and timing of the smacks enough to allow the boy to be able to speak; an action that was difficult considering how the youngster was crying.

"And what are you sorry for Dave?" the sorcerer asked his apprentice in a gentle voice that contrasted sharply with the powerful smacks he was continuing to administer a very sore backside.

"I'm s…s…sorry I m…m…made the p…pineapple d…dance. I didn't know that s…spell would m…make it s..sentient!" Dave sobbed.

Balthazar made a low humming sound in his throat to let the child know he was listening, but continued to spank in a rhythmic pattern.

"A..and I…I'm so…sorry I tu..turned the g..gecko into a g..giant. I…I d..d..d…didn't want it t… be hurt like that. I LIKE that gecko!" the contrite boy wailed harder.

Satisfied that the younger man was utterly contrite, Balthazar finally stopped his relentless assault on the youngster's backside and carefully righted the child's clothing. Dave let out a hiss of pain as the material rubbed against over sensitized skin, and continued to sob softly, even as his master lifted him up off of his lap and pulled him into a tight embrace.

"And what have we learned, my son?" Balthazar asked as he comforted a suddenly cuddly child who needed reassurance.

"When you say not to do something, I need to listen. There's always a good reason for it," Dave whispered, hiding his face against the older man's chest. He certainly wouldn't forget anytime soon!

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