Author's Note: Post Sorcerer's Apprentice. Prompt: "five things/times.... and one (opposite or redirected.)"
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Warning(s): mild discipline

Five Times Dave was Irritated Balthazar Demanded Instant Obedience
and One Time He was Thankful He'd Learned to Instantly Obey


"S''not fair," Dave muttered under his breath, "coulda waited until the commercial or after the show was over. Not like they were gonna get up and walk away…" he washed then rinsed another dish, placing it on the dish mat to dry.

"What was that Dave?" Balthazar questioned, his voice stern, as he sat back in the chair overseeing his apprentice doing the dishes that SHOULD have been done a week before- had Dave not been procrastinating every time he had a moment to do them.

Dave self-consciously reached up and rubbed the ear his master had led him into the kitchen by when he'd tried ignoring the sorcerer's demands that he do his chores NOW.

"Nothing sir…" he sighed softly then began to work on the glassware.



"Oh Sh…." Dave barely kept from screaming out the word as what felt like a bucket of ice cold water drenched him. He gave a disgruntled look to his loudly guffawing girlfriend, Becky, noting that SHE hadn't gotten even a little wet. Turning his irritated gaze toward the one responsible for his uncomfortable position, he asked Balthazar- "Why???"

Balthazar smirked faintly. "I said it was time to practice. You apparently did not hear me." The master then went to await his apprentice in the circle, feeling that explained the matter.

Becky grinned at a still peeved Dave. "He did call you several times…."



Dave tossed from his back onto to his stomach and huffed "how'm I sposed to get sleep when I can't get comfortable? Bet he didn't think of THAT when he bullied me into not finishing my paper that's due tomorrow!" he muttered just loudly enough that his master would be able to hear him, but he could still pretend he was talking to himself.

When a hard smack landed on his backside he yelped and reached back a hand, before glaring up at an equally annoyed sorcerer.

"I said it is time for you to be in bed and asleep. Do I need to assist you in doing so?" Balthazar's words may have sounded irritated, but there was no mistaking the concern in the older man's eyes. His apprentice had been sick and needed the rest to recuperate fully.

Feeling slightly guilty, Dave relented and closed his eyes.



"I said move left. It is not my fault you decided to question why, before doing so." Balthazar grinned cheerfully and leaned back against the wall, looking at his highly perturbed apprentice.

"Ok- so I should have listened immediately. I learned my lesson!" Dave retorted, his face turning slightly red from the upside down position he was in. "Now can you PLEASE get me off of the ceiling?"



"Balthazar!" Dave whined irritably. "Let me in! It's COLD out here!" he pulled the thin sheet the sorcerer had left him with more firmly around his body, before knocking on the glass of the balcony door. "I promise, next time you tell me to get up I will do so immediately instead of rolling over to go back to sleep. Please?"



Dave's eyes widened in shock as the vase he'd been about to pick up let out an unearthly moan before disintegrating- taking the Morganian who he had been attempting to wrestle it away from with it.

It wasn't until his master had wrapped him in a tight hug and was instructing him to "breathe Dave, breathe," that he realized he'd started hyperventilating.

Swallowing hard and pressing his face against his master's chest, wrapping his arms around the older man as if afraid to let go, he whimpered "I was holding that…I could have…"

"I know son," Balthazar murmured against the top of his head. "But you let go when I told you to. You obeyed me and you are safe now. I'm proud of you." The older man smiled as the boy- his apprentice- snuggled closer, shivering.

"Next time I give you a hard time about wanting me to obey you instantly- remind me of this." Dave muttered, before shuddering again.

Balthazar chuckled. "Oh believe me, boy. I will."

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