Author's Note: I was cleaning out my email and found a five-word prompt I had sent to another author for NCIS:LA. I decided to try my own hand at it. Verse/Setting: Post season 3.
Elements: Chemical Reaction; Prank; Confusion; Obfuscation; Pink and Purple Polka-dots
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from NCIS: LA and I'm not making any money from this fic
Warning(s): AU; discipline of adult

Really? I Mean, Really???

Deeks eyes widened comically as the mixture bubbled and foamed up and spilled out onto the bottom of the locker he was currently standing in front of. This was NOT the chemical reaction he had been anticipating when he began this prank. According to everything he had read, it was supposed to make an obnoxious odor- this however…he quickly picked the container up and dumped it into the garbage can, hoping that it would either stop erupting like Mt. Vesuvius- or at the least that it would contain itself to the receptacle and not make more of a mess than had already been made. Quickly glancing around to make certain any signs of his having been responsible for the mess were gone, he quickly closed the locker then left the area.

# # #

They had been out for most of the day, running down leads on a cold case and Deeks hadn't thought about the prank gone wrong. Yeah, he'd left a mess behind for the owner of the locker- but all that was needed was some towels to sop it up. Maybe some soap and water. It wasn't going to be that big of a deal- or so he thought.

When Callen, Sam, and he had walked into the locker room and opened their lockers Sam had, to both G's and Marty's confusion, forced both of them back and told them to call Hazmat. There was white powder all over the bottom of his locker- they couldn't take the chance that someone had attempted to use some biological cocktail to try and take out an NCIS agent. Deeks had been horrified and stood in indecision for a few seconds debating obfuscation instead of just telling the truth and owning up to what he had done. He couldn't do that though. He had caused the situation, he would own up to it.

He quickly reached out and stopped Callen from making the call, then reluctantly faced Sam. "It's not a bio-hazard…" he whispered in a more timid and hesitant voice than he would have liked. He was a grown man, for crying-out-loud. And it wasn't like the ex-Navy SEAL would kill him over a simple prank.

Sam just looked at him like he was crazy before a knowing look crossed his face. "What did you do Deeks?" He growled.

"It was just supposed to be a tiny prank…a…stink-bomb." Marty reluctantly admitted. "Only it became this mess of spewing, foaming, bubbling….stuff." He wrinkled his nose in consternation. "I panicked, shut the locker and left before anyone could find me here with the evidence." He looked down, running a hand through his hair. "I thought it would stay the same consistency and would be easy to clean up. I didn't think it would change into a white powder…"

"Ok…we can't take the very minute chance that this actually is something that someone left here after you were here... so here's what we're going to do…." Sam directed his voice tightly controlled.

G smirked. "Oh, you're in for it now, Marty…" he shook his head in commiseration, then made the call Sam had asked for.

# # #

Two hours later, the guys in hazmat suits had confirmed that the white substance was not dangerous and had cleared the three agents to leave the vicinity.

"Next time be more careful what chemicals you have sitting next to each other in open containers," the one in charge griped, shaking his head.

"Believe me, I will…" Deeks answered him with an embarrassed grin.

"Better yet, Mr. Deeks, do not bring chemicals into the locker room at all. Just what were you thinking?" Hetty questioned him with a disapproving look.

Deeks looked down, embarrassment turning into a more shamed demeanor. "I wasn't thinking Hetty. I will do so in the future, though."

Sighing softly, he watched as the diminutive director left the locker room.

"Don't worry bout it Deeks. All's well that ends well and all…" Callen patted him on the shoulder before leaving himself. Pretty soon it was just Sam and him left in the locker room.

"I'm driving you home." Sam stated without any preamble. Deeks blinked.

"I drove my own car to…." He swallowed his words at the glare Sam leveled at him. "I appreciate you driving me home tonight?" He hesitantly said instead. Sam nodded at him.

"Very good. I'll also pick you up tomorrow morning, so don't worry about leaving your car behind." With those words, Sam clamped a hand onto his shoulder and began directing him out of the locker room, through the various hallways, and eventually out of the building and to his car. Deeks looked at his own car in undisguised longing, but didn't try and argue or fight with the older and larger man. He had a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach.

# # #

Marty hadn't thought anything of it when Sam had followed him into his apartment. He figured the man just wanted to chew him out in a more private setting than the locker room or outside Deeks' apartment would have allowed. If he'd had any clue what the other man truly had in mind, he probably would have locked the man out, or fought him off, or run. Since he hadn't had any warning, he hadn't done anything. By the time he realized he should be worried, it was too late. Of course, had Sam realized what was going to happen- he might have given a little bit more warning.

Deeks had turned from closing and locking the door when he saw Sam pulling off his belt. He reacted with shocked agitation when Sam had motioned him to bend over the armchair Sam stood next to.

"No! No way in hell!" he yelled out, backing away his eyes wide and filled with an indecipherable emotion. Sam watched him in surprise. He had expected a protest- but the detective actually looked angry bordering on frightened. It didn't take long for Sam to remember, and when he did, he dropped his belt on the floor in horror. He held his hands up in a placating manner.

"No…no you are right Marty. I won't do that to you. I'm not him…" Sam quietly said, his tone calm and as reassuring as he could make it. He was relieved when Deeks looked at him, his eyes haunted for a few seconds longer before the kid nodded.

"I…I know…you aren't him. I know you wouldn't harm me." Deeks responded softly. "I trust you Sam."

Sam let out a relieved breath, smiling slightly at the younger man before looking at him sternly. "What you did today, Marty. It wasn't smart. You're a smart man. You should have known better."

Deeks blushed, looking at his feet then nodding. "I know. I'm sorry."

Sam watched the detective for a few seconds before coming to a decision and making his move. Going to the younger man, he tugged him gently to the sofa then sat down at an angle. Marty soon found himself draped across Sam's lap, his torso resting on the couch, his wrists behind his back and held in a tight grip that he couldn't escape. Sam was tugging his jeans down to his ankles.

"Pink and purple polka-dots, Marty?" Sam blinked at the boxer clad behind in front of him.

"Yeah- well- I wasn't expecting anyone else to see them…" he murmured in embarrassment, hoping that he'd be allowed to keep them on. His eyes closed in defeat as that hope was dashed and Sam carefully tugged the boxers down to join the jeans, leaving two pale globes waiting to be warmed by his hand.

Sam gently squeezed the two wrists he held captive in one hand, then carefully placed the other big paw on Deeks' backside. "Do you know why you are about to be spanked Marty?" He asked quietly. Deeks swallowed hard.

"Because I was an idiot?" he gasped as Sam's hand suddenly rose and slammed down onto his bottom with enough force to cause him to slide forward slightly.

"Try again," Sam growled, "without joking about it."

"I wasn't joking," Deeks muttered under his breath, then took a deep breath. "Because I attempted to pull a prank that was questionable under the best of circumstances- let alone at work in a Federal Agency, where such a prank might be viewed as an attack." He clenched his teeth.

"You got it. Had you tried to lie your way out of what you'd done, instead of telling me and Callen immediately- or had anyone else found the residue of your prank before we got back to the locker room, the situation could have turned out much worse. And you could have lost your job- or worse." Sam calmly remarked, then raised his hand.

Marty tried to brace himself, but when the smack landed- its sound echoing around the room- he wasn't prepared in the least. He couldn't help the gasped out "OW" or the whimpers that soon followed as Sam's hand continued to rise and fall in a barrage of painful admonishment. Sam was relentless, making certain to cover every inch of Deeks bottom, left to right, top to bottom- including his upper thighs. It felt like he was making sure each spot got attention at least three times, if not more. Despite his best effort to remain 'adult' about the situation, Marty soon found himself squirming on his disciplinarian's lap, trying to wriggle away from the punishment.

"Hold still Marty!" Sam admonished, leveling five hard smacks on each thigh. Deeks stiffened, trying to hold still, letting out a choked sob before giving up and laying limply across Sam's lap and crying hopelessly.

Sam nodded to himself, glad to see the younger man finally give in and accept the spanking. Giving the captive wrists one more gentle squeeze he encouraged his team mate. "Almost done Marty. You've done good, we just need to finish up."

With those words, Sam laid a flurry of smacks on the as yet untouched sit-spots, making sure to leave them a bright vivid red before stopping the punishment. Deeks continued to lay limply across his lap, sobbing as if his heart was breaking. Shaking his head, Sam released the Deeks' wrists and began rubbing the younger agent's back.

"It's ok Marty. We're done now. You did good kid…" he murmured gently. Slowly, Deeks regained control over his emotions. When he began to squirm, Sam carefully helped him off of his lap, then politely looked away while his team mate resituated his clothing, a tiny hiss the only indication of the pain the young agent had experienced.

"Sam…" Deeks said hesitantly, the other man quickly turning to look at him.

"I AM sorry…" Deeks looked at Sam, eyes watery and sorrowful.

"I know. You're forgiven." Sam smiled at the look of relief on the detective's face. "Just don't ever do something like that again. If you think I'm bad, you truly don't want Hetty getting hold of you."

Deeks look of utter horror and the way his reddened face turned a ghostly pale had the larger man nearly falling over himself laughing.

"It's not funny!" the smaller agent huffed, rubbing at his tush. "Hetty's scary!"

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