Author's Note: I found Callen and Sam’s response to Deeks “old” comments (having him do a push-up contest against Sam) very amusing. I couldn’t help but imagine what might have happened in a different universe, if Deeks wasn’t as easy going with the outcome. Verse/Setting: Post 4:4 (Dead Party Politic)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from NCIS:LA and am not making money from this fic.
Warning(s): AU; discipline of adult.

Better to Admit

Deeks forced his aching arms to push him up one more time. “Seventy-five….” He forced out of clenched teeth, trying to ignore the amused look on Callen’s face or the fact that Sam was easily mowing through his own push-ups as if he was cutting butter.

Ok. So his upper body strength- as far as his deltoids or triceps were concerned- could really use some work. He was the first to admit he wasn’t the most buff of men. It didn’t mean he wasn’t in shape or couldn’t hold his own when it mattered, so why Sam felt the need to punish him using a method that would point out his weakest area just for a stupid joking comment that no one really took seriously was beyond him.

Really. Sam and Callen were older than he and Kenzie. It was a fact. Saying so didn’t mean Deeks thought they were less capable or weaker or anything. That hadn’t been how they’d seen the comment, was it? He frowned, clenching his teeth again as he attempted yet another push-up.

No. They had known he wasn’t being serious. But he wasn’t stupid. He knew push-ups were often used as a disciplinary measure in the military- and the fact that Callen and Sam had cornered him after they’d solved the case and literally marched him into the training room making it clear he wasn’t being given a choice. It felt like he was being disciplined.

The only reason he hadn’t balked was because they had couched it in terms of ‘backing up’ his words. Which he supposed he really should do- even if he hadn’t really meant them. Collapsing onto the mat, he groaned. He must have said something. He knew Sam and Callen had said something, although the way the blood was rushing in his head he really couldn’t remember what was said. They were laughing and smirking as they left, so he supposed whatever point they were trying to make had been made.

Except they left Deeks laying there, even when he called out to them. Maybe they thought he was joking. That was the problem with being a happy-go-lucky sort that tended to joke too much (and he could admit he joked more than he probably should). Even when you were serious, sometimes people didn’t take you seriously. Deeks understood this- but it didn’t keep him from feeling slightly hurt at the abandonment. Then he felt stupid for feeling hurt and became mad at the two.

Finally, realizing that they weren’t going to come back and that if he didn’t want to sleep in the gym, he’d need to get up, he carefully pushed himself to his knees and then stood, trying not to use his arms any more than he had to. He’d over done it. His arms were like limp noodles and he wasn’t entirely certain he hadn’t strained something. He sighed softly. If Hetty found out she’d be putting him on a special exercise regime. If SAM found out, he’d be on a special regime. Best not tell anyone then.

Wearily, he headed to the lockers to grab his stuff and then went to his car. Driving home was more difficult than it should have been. His one arm had developed a tiny spasm that caused him to jerk the wheel every so often. He ended up driving much more slowly than normal to compensate and was glad when he finally made it to his home without drawing the attention of any police officers.

His hurt feelings and indignation at having been so thoroughly trounced and then left alone to nurse his wounded pride simmered all the way home, through his quick shower and light dinner, and then through the night as he tossed and turned and tried to find some relief for his aching arms.

When he awoke the next morning- he was not in a very good mood.

# # #
He really should have just called in sick. He’d managed to cause Nell and Erik to avoid him, thirty minutes after arriving at work. He’d managed to make Kensie mad at him within an hour of arriving at work. Sam and Callen weren’t too happy with him either, but for some reason they were managing to hide it better than the other three. He supposed he was lucky that Hetty and Granger were out of the office at a special meeting. He didn’t want to get on their bad side too.

Erik’s whistle cut through the foyer and the four agents glanced up in his direction. “A marine with access to sensitive information has gone missing…I’ve forwarded his last known location and a list of his co-workers to your phones.” Erik quickly turned and went back into ops, avoiding looking at Deeks. Shaking his head and huffing slightly, Deeks stood and started toward where the cars were.

“I’m NOT going with him. You go with him.” He blinked and turned slightly just in time to see his partner brush brusquely past him, not even looking in his direction. His mouth fell open in surprised shock, but he quickly closed it shoving the hurt her actions caused down deep and trying to act like he didn’t care.

Callen and Sam looked at each other, doing that silent communication thing they tended to do and Deeks found himself losing control of his fragile temper, yet again.

“You know what. Don’t bother. You’re all going to the same place, I’ll just stay here out of everyone’s way.” He muttered angrily, tossing his jacket roughly in the direction of his desk but not caring if it actually made it or not.

Sam frowned, his eyes flashing. “You go with Kensie, G. We’ll be a bit behind you.” His voice was soft, but Deeks still looked up at him nervously not liking the tone he heard in it.

“Sure Sam.” Callen nodded, giving Deeks what could only be described as a look of pity. Oh sure, there was irritation plenty in the glance, but overall- Deeks swallowed hard and looked back at Sam again, even more nervous.

Sam waited until Callen had gone before he walked over and grabbed the jacket that had landed on the floor. He then took Deek’s arm and began to lead him toward his own car. “We’re going to make a quick stop before going to question the witnesses,” he said. His voice was still soft, but there was steeliness in it that Deeks couldn’t argue against no matter how much he might want to.

Meekly, he allowed Sam to guide him to the car and when told, got into the passenger seat and buckled his seat belt. A tight ball of dread weighed in his stomach.

# # #
Deeks couldn’t say he was surprised when they pulled up to his home. Wordlessly, Sam got out of the car and then walked around to open the passenger door, standing there silently until Marty finally got out with a nervous swallow.

“S…Sam. I…I know I’ve been a real pain today but I…I…” he faltered when his team mate looked at him. Swallowing again, he slumped, then walked to his front door and opened it, allowing Sam to go in first. Once the other man was inside, he stepped inside and closed the door with a firm click.

“Would you like to explain yourself?” Sam calmly asked with his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look firmly in place.

Deeks couldn’t help but feel like an errant school-boy. He knew he’d been behaving atrociously. He even knew why. He didn’t want to admit it though- it seemed so childish and unnecessary and…needy. He didn’t like the feeling of shame that was beginning to course through him so he reacted with the irritation that had been so close to the surface all morning.

“No. I wouldn’t like to explain myself.” He spat out. His eyes widened as he realized how nasty that had sounded- even to his own ears.

Sam glared, his crossed arms dropping to his sides as he took a step closer to the smaller detective. Deeks couldn’t help but take a step back from the larger man. “Fine- if you don’t want to talk, then you can listen.”

Deeks had to give Sam credit. As upset as the man looked, his voice never rose high enough to be considered anything close to yelling- and his grip when he took hold of Marty’s arm and drug him toward the living room couch was gentle. Even if it was firm and impossible for Marty to break free of.

Deeks stomach filled with butterflies and then sunk as he realized what was about to happen. “No…Sam…Please…” he blushed when his voice came out sounding scared. It was bad enough he’d already started begging.

Sam shook his head, giving him a sad and disappointed look. “Sorry Marty, you’ve been asking for this all day. I had hoped you’d be willing to talk and we could take care of things like adults- but you obviously need something different than that.” Without another word, Sam sat on the couch and pulled Deeks over his lap. He pulled Marty close and held him in place tightly with one hand. Deeks whimpered as Sam used the other hand to quickly divest him of any protection slacks or underwear could provide.

Still holding him firmly against his torso, Sam let his hand rest against the younger detective’s backside. Deeks closed his eyes tightly in mortification. He’d sworn to himself he would never be in this position again.

Sam redirected his attention with a softly worded question. “Why are you about to be spanked, Marty?”

Marty swallowed hard chagrined to note that he was already fighting tears and there was no way that Sam wouldn’t be able to hear it. He forced himself to answer. “I’ve been…I’ve been…” he tried to think of a way to put it that didn’t make him sound like a complete and utter bastard or a child, but couldn’t come up with anything. He slumped over Sam’s lap as he thought about his actions and finally realized how obnoxious he had been. “I’ve been a brat to everyone. I’ve been childish and acted horribly…and I have no good reason for it,” he finally whispered in shame.

Sam nodded, “Good boy. Now will you tell me why?” he asked softly.

“Because I was mad.” Deeks admitted, sniffling. “I was just joking yesterday and I thought you and G knew that…but then you made me do those push-ups- and I know that’s a way of disciplining unruly soldiers in the military….and I did so horribly at them and you both were laughing and…and then you both just took off even though I was calling for you to stay…and I knew you probably thought I was joking again and I shouldn’t be upset, but I was and…” he gulped in air, having said everything in one breath. Then he clenched his mouth shut, embarrassed to have said as much as he did.

Sam blinked in consternation. “You’ve been acting out today because we hurt your feelings?” he tried to keep the surprise out of his voice, but he wasn’t as successful as he had hoped. Deeks stiffened up, clenching his fists around the couch pillow that he’d drawn to himself.

“No….” he spat. “I was just mad that you made me to push-ups because of a joke.” He growled.

Sam narrowed his eyes at the tone the younger man had just taken and raising his hand, smacked him firmly once on each side of his backside. Deeks hissed as fire seemed to blossom on his butt.

“Don’t get an attitude with me little boy.” Sam growled, raising his hand and landing several more strong smacks on different areas of the bottom in front of him. “And don’t lie. There is nothing wrong with admitting to being hurt or upset. If you don’t admit it, how are we supposed to know so that we don’t do it again?” he continued firmly smacking the quickly reddening backside.

“You were right- G and I did not believe you were serious when you were calling out to us. We thought you were just joking and teasing like you often do. I also did not realize you thought I was punishing you with the push-ups. That was not what I was doing- or at least not what I intended to do. It was my attempt to joke back with you- proving that this ‘old man’ still had some moves you could learn from…if I’d known you thought it was a punishment I would never have carried through with it.” Sam’s voice remained firm and calm as he spoke.

Deeks couldn’t hear any recrimination in the tone for the fact that he had misunderstood- although there was an undercurrent of regret. Realizing he’d misunderstood didn’t make Deeks feel any betters. The irritation and hurt that he’d allowed to fester through the prior evening and day quickly morphed into deep guilt that he’d been so horrible for no good reason.

Between Sam’s words, his own guiltiness, and the methodic, firm smacks that continued to land on his now burning backside, Deeks couldn’t help himself. He was soon squirming and wriggling, trying without any success to move Sam’s target out of range. The older man had a firm grip around his waist and all squirming seemed to accomplish was Sam moving his smacks onto his yet untouched thighs. Deeks howled, quickly stilling.

“Good boy,“ Sam said quietly, moving the smacks back up onto the hot and scarlet bottom. Deeks went limp over his disciplinarian’s lap, deep sobs shaking his thin frame. “We’re almost done, Marty. You’re doing good…” Sam murmured, quickly tilting the younger man so that his sit spots could receive Sam’s correction.

Deeks wasn’t aware of when the spanking finally ended. All he knew was that one minute he was draped over Sam’s lap, sobbing brokenly and the next he was being held tightly in Sam’s arms, his head pressed against the older man’s shoulder. When his sobbing had quieted enough that he could try to speak, he choked out “I’m sorry….” He hoped that Sam realized his sorrow was for more than just his bad behavior of the morning.

“I know, Marty.” Sam calmly said, rubbing the younger man’s back gently. “So am I. But next time Callen or I do something to upset you- you have to tell us. You can’t just take your frustration out on everyone. Because believe me. If you handle any future problems the same way you handled this morning’s- you’re going to find yourself over my knee again. Are we clear, little brother?”

“Crystal,” Deeks sniffled before carefully getting up off of Sam’s lap- his face turning as scarlet as his butt when he realized that he’d somehow kicked his pants off while being spanked.

Sam stood up and gave him a quick grin and squeezed his shoulder. “You get dressed and go wash your face. I’ll get you something to drink and then we’ll go interview witnesses,” he said softly, leaving the room to give Deeks some privacy.

Deeks quickly retrieved his pants and pulled them on with a pained hiss before going into his bathroom and washing his face. Looking in the mirror, he noted that his eyes were red, bloodshot, and swollen- but all other traces of his crying were gone. If he was lucky, anyone that wasn’t his team and didn’t know how Sam corrected misbehavior would just assume he was tired. It wouldn’t be a lie, if they did think that. He hadn’t slept well the night before. Yawning and stretching slightly, he winced as his pants chaffed at over-sensitive skin. Shaking his head, he walked back out into the foyer, meeting Sam by the door.

“C’mon Marty,” Sam smiled, shoving two items into his hands before opening the door and heading toward the car. Deeks looked at the water bottle and the pillow he now held then grinned.

“Coming, ‘old man’,” he called back impishly before following the taller man out the door, closing it and locking it behind him. Sam’s laughter made him think that maybe everything would be ok.

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