Author's Note: I chose Thor for this prompt for one reason only. A particular scene where he was fighting alongside Hulk and Hulk did something that I found hilarious. While this isn't likely to be hilarious, it seemed like Thor would be a likely candidate for this to happen to. Verse/Setting: Avengers movie some point between the first big fight and the final fight.
Prompt: One of the team members loses his or her abilities and, as a result, is forced to stay out of combat. When Doctor Banner is fighting as the Hulk, the team member - frustrated by their exclusion from combat - tries to help, but only succeeds in making an already bad situation worse.
Elements: 313, mauve, bringing
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the movie The Avengers and I'm not making any money from this fic
Warning(s): AU; possible spoilers for Avengers movie; use of a belt.

You Won't Like Me When I'm Angry

313 feet and falling fast. This was truly going to hurt and if he landed the wrong way it could prove the earthlings wrong about his supposed invincibility. He had let pride and frustration determine his course of action. Too bad pride and frustration couldn't stop his plummet toward the ground.

An hour earlier in the heli-craft…

Loki had been subdued and placed into the holding cell- but not before he'd taken one more parting shot at his brother. He had only touched Thor, gently, for mere seconds; the result was beyond anything he'd ever felt before. He'd fallen to the floor, weak as a newborn kitten. Loki, for his part, looked just as shocked as Thor felt; he'd obviously not expected anything like that to occur. Loki's shock was probably the only thing that had saved him from the other Avenger's wrath; that and Thor's adamant insistence that his brother not be hurt.

The end result had been the other Avenger's adamant insistence that he NOT participate in any combat. Weakened as he was, they felt he would be unable to fight effectively. The only reason they hadn't sent him someplace safe and out of the way was because there hadn't been any time. Instead, they had sent him to his room aboard the heli-craft. He had not felt so useless since his father had removed his ability to use the hammer the first time he'd been sent to Midgard in exile.

When Loki's minions made their move, he had forced himself to stay in his room and out of the way- but patience had never been his strongest virtue. He wanted to help, neededto help, and so he'd decided to go out into the fray. His strength was very slowly returning to him. There should be no reason he couldn't fight off some of the weaker opponents and free the Avengers up to go after the stronger enemy.

Pure chance had led him to the bay where the HULK was fighting. Thor was holding his own, when the inevitable had happened. They'd cleared the area of enemy and in his eagerness to continue looking for other opponents he'd moved too close to the HULK. The monster who hadn't quite calmed down from the fight, reacted with a swift punch to the side of Thor's face, sending him flying through the open bay door and off the heli-craft.


The ground rushed to meet him and he only just had time to prepare himself to tuck and roll. The painful jar as he literally crashed to earth, was only lessened somewhat by his method of landing… he rolled at least 100 feet before he finally came to a stop against a tree. He lay on his back, dazedly looking up into the sky, before he slowly began twitching different parts of his body to make certain they were still in working order. He could taste blood, but at least there didn't seem to be anything broken. Gingerly, he got to his feet and began a slow trek in the direction he hoped the heli-craft was going.

He'd been walking maybe 10 minutes when he came across a barn that looked as if a bomb had dropped on it. He blinked as he realized that it might as well have. Dr. Bruce Banner was walking out of the remains, pulling on a mauve shirt that he must have gotten from the farmer who was bringing him a belt to help hold up some pants that were a couple of inches too big for him. Bruce looked at him, an indecipherable look in his eyes before he glared.

"You were told to stay in your room, out of the way." Bruce's voice easily carried in the wind.

Thor stopped walking, suddenly nervous. "I did stay out of the way. I was feeling stronger…."

Thor blinked, wondering when Bruce had started walking toward him. The man was only a few feet away. Thor backed up, some instinct warning him of danger. He was not sure what was going on, he did not feel that Bruce would harm him, but something did not feel right. Bruce smiled slightly as Thor backed away, moving even more into the demi-god's space.

"What's wrong? If you've got your strength back, you shouldn't need to be afraid of me, should you?" The low chuckle that rumbled out of the man's chest did nothing to ease Thor's unease.

He stepped back again, feeling his progress stopped by a large log that he had not seen behind him. He swallowed thickly as Bruce stepped closer still, until they were only inches apart. He couldn't help flinching as the doctor took hold of his arm in a firm grip.

"You should have listened and done as you were told, Thor. I could have killed you. You are lucky you regained enough of your strength for the fall not to pulverize you. You made an already difficult situation much worse than it had to be." Bruce's voice was firm, and looking into his eyes Thor could see that the man had actually been worried- possibly frightened by what could have happened. If Thor had been seriously wounded or killed in the fall, Bruce would have blamed himself.

Thor blinked, suddenly ashamed of his actions. Hesitantly, he voiced his apology. "You are correct. I…should have heeded the instruction given to me. I apologize."

Bruce smiled faintly again, squeezing Thor's arm gently. "I'm glad to hear it. All that is left now is to discipline you for your actions."With those words he tugged Thor around and gently pushed him down until he was draped over the log that had stopped his retreat. Thor's bottom was elevated so that it was a perfect target.

Thor closed his eyes tightly, only his shame and the knowledge that he deserved some sort of punishment for disobeying orders, kept him in place. He hated feeling so vulnerable. He could only hope he didn't embarrass himself further by crying.

Bruce nodded once he had the demi-god in place, pleased to note that Thor was not fighting or arguing against what he planned to do. Quickly, he folded the belt he'd been given in his hand, tucking the buckle safely out of the way where it wouldn't harm his team mate, he knelt down at Thor's side so that his arm was even with his intended target. Lifting the belt up high, he swung his arm in a downward arch, the leather cracking against the trouser clad bottom.

Thor couldn't help the gasp that escaped his lips at the first stroke. If he did not know better, he would have thought it was the HULK delivering his punishment and not the mild mannered doctor. Bruce was methodically covering every inch of his backside and upper thighs, leaving him only enough time to gasp between each stripe that descended on him. Despite his efforts, tears were streaming from his eyes soon after the first blow landed. He gulped and clenched his teeth, determined that he wouldn't add voice to the tears.

Thor had lost count of how many stripes he had earned, his body tense and aching- not only from the whipping he was receiving, but because of the effort it was taking not to scream out from the burning sensation on his thighs and bottom.

Bruce, watching the demi-god, shook his head at how obstinate and proud the demi-god was. "Let go Thor. Don't let your pride force this to go on longer than needed…."

Thor clenched his hands, risking a glance back at Bruce, before letting out a shuddering breath. "You…you want me to cry?" his voice cracked with the strain of not crying.

"I want you to accept the punishment. Part of that is giving up your control of the situation." Bruce admonished, then placing a firm hand on Thor's lower back, he pushed down causing Thor's sit-spots to be vulnerable to the belt. He began laying heavy strips on the tender crease between bottom and thigh.

Thor gasped out again, the combination of his team mate's words and the pain finally breaking his resolve. He let out a tiny, broken, sob- but once that one sob had escaped, he was no longer able to hold anything back.

Bruce quickly stopped spanking when he heard the cries of the man in front of him. Gently he patted him on the back until the worst of the sobbing had quieted and Thor was no longer shaking uncontrollably. Groaning slightly, Bruce forced himself back to his feet, brushing off his knees, then putting the belt on.

Glancing down at Thor, who was still quietly draped over the log as if waiting for permission to get up, he reached down and took the demi-god by the arm. "Come friend. Let's find the rest of our team and get you cleaned up. You should be back at full strength soon. I'm sure there are more enemies to fight."

Staggering to his feet, Thor glanced at Bruce then smiled hesitantly. "I would welcome a fight. If it is agreeable to you, I would like to fight at your side…"

Bruce, slanted his head, then grinned and clasped Thor's shoulder before turning and beginning to walk in the direction they'd last seen the heli-craft, "I think that could be arranged."

Thor limped slightly behind him, determinedly not rubbing at his backside.

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