Author's Note: Just an idea of what kinds of trouble two ‘science-bros’ could get into. Verse/Setting: post-movie. Prompt: The Avenger(s) of your choice get deaged. Elements: million, cheese-puff orange, hiccup
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything from the movie The Avengers; not making money from this fic.
Warning(s): mentions of spanking

Off a Short Cliff

“Uuuuugh,” he groaned feeling like a million army ants were crawling over his skin, while a marching band beat the step in his head. “Did anyone get the license plate of that truck that hit me?” he muttered before opening his eyes. He promptly squeezed them shut again as the overly bright overhead lights speared through his retinas. “Oooooow!” he rolled over onto his stomach to attempt opening his eyes again- this time from the safer position of looking at the black tiled floor.

A hiccup to his right caused him to remember his cohort. “Hey Bruce, you OK buddy?” He frowned as the pitch of his voice finally caught his attention.

“I don’t think so….” The pitch of Bruce’s voice was also abnormally high- and sounding a trifle freaked out. Tony frowned. Bruce seldom allowed himself to get freaked out. Not with the other guy waiting in the wings to make an appearance. For his pal to sound so rattled, something big must have happened.

Pushing himself to his feet he blinked as he felt all the clothing on the lower half of his body suddenly fall and pool at his feet. Meanwhile, his AC DC t-shirt hung extremely loosely down to his knees. “Huh,” he said out loud. “This can’t be good.”

“You don’t say…” Bruce had pushed himself to his feet by this point and was in the same predicament as Tony- although he at least attempted to hold his pants up.

“It could be worse,” Tony shrugged and grinned at his friend. “It could have turned us cheese-puff orange.”

The look Bruce shot him was not impressed. Finally sighing, the scientist bit his lip and glanced toward the door. “What are the chances we’ll be able to hide this mishap from the others…?”

Tony grimaced and ran a tiny hand through his hair. “You mean how long till Cap finds out and gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘Bunsen Burner’?”

Bruce groaned and shot Tony a dirty look, but couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yeah- THAT! You know he isn’t going to be happy with us experimenting on ourselves…”

“…Especially since he specifically told you NOT to experiment on yourselves!” the two men-now boys- winced as a third, very stern, voice entered the conversation. They looked toward the door, looks of guilt and trepidation on their faces. Steve couldn’t help but grin slightly. They knew they were in trouble. Crooking a finger in their direction, he motioned for them to come closer.

Reluctantly, Bruce shuffled his feet until he was finally standing in front of the captain- still holding up his overly large pants with a death-grip. Tony was only slightly further behind- but only because he couldn’t decide if he should pull his pants up and trip over them like Bruce, or leave them behind (finally settling on just picking them up off the ground and carrying them with him).

“Are the notes for what you were working on accessible?” Steve asked firmly.

“Yes sir,” two childish voices answered in tandem.

“Good. I’ll have Fury send a few of his best scientists down to see if they can figure out how to get you back to normal. Until then, you aren’t allowed in this lab.” He held up a finger to stop the argument he could see brewing in two sets of eyes. “You aren’t allowed back in this lab until there is someone of an adult stature to supervise and make sure you don’t accidentally kill yourselves.”

Tony sighed, realizing that they weren’t going to change the Captain’s mind. Bruce’s face still looked a bit mutinous, but he finally nodded his head in unhappy acceptance of the older man’s edict.

Steve, satisfied that they weren’t going to argue and that they would obey his order, ushered them out of the lab with instructions to J.A.R.V.I.S. to close it and not allow them back in until there was an adult present. He ignored Tony’s offended whine at the action, instead leading the two boys back to the living quarters where the rest of the team was watching television. He’d enlist Pepper’s help to get them some clothes that fit.

Right before they entered the living room, Steve stopped them and turned them to face him. The look on his face was serious. “We’ll be dealing with your actions once we have you back to your normal selves. Understood?”

Two sets of childish eyes widened and twin gulps could be heard before two sets of small shoulders slumped and two dejected voices answered him. “Yes sir…”

Steve couldn’t help but ruffle their hair as he turned them back around and gave them each a swat to move them forward. “Ok then. Let’s go explain to the rest of the gang- shall we?”

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