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Hello to everyone and welcome. This is where you will find my fanfiction from various shows. It contains spanking and so if that offends you please don't read. But if you do read please enjoy and feeback is not only welcomed but greatly appreciated.
- Snow

Disclaimer - I don't own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories. These stories are meant for people 18 years of age and older.

Angel Stories

Connor and Angel's New Relationship Chapter 1

Connor and Angel's New Relationship Chapter 2

Connor Gets Grounded

Wesly's Solution

Three Part Story

A Long Time Coming

The Dukes of Hazzard Stories

The Jump Part one - Bo's Point Of View

The Jump Part two - Luke's Point Of View

Bo's Night Out

A Dukes Hazzard County Christmas Eve

Those Duke Boys

The Windshield

The New Neighbors

Smallville Stories

Blackmailed Chapter 1

Blackmailed Chapter 2

But I Left a Note

Chloe's Choice

The Kents Weekend Away Part 1 - Lex

The Kents Weekend Away Part 2 - Clark

The Porsche

A Conversation With Jor-El

Jor-El's Gift

Clark and Lois

An Evening In Metropolis

The Thespian

Jonathon's Big Surprise

A LessonRevisited

A Visit Home

Reggie Visits Lex

Reggie's Return

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent

Journal Entry

Supernatural Stories

Paying The Piper

The Visions

Sam's Guilt

Dean's Deception

The Plan

Hide and Go Seek Sam

The Walking Wounded

The Kamorelli Demon

A Tangled Web

The Price

The Confrontation

Letting Go of the Guilt




Second Chances

A Supernatural Christmas

Taking Care of Sam

The Road Not Taken

Trickster and No Treat

The Reckoning

First Time Father

Real People Stories About Supernatural Actors

The Deal

The Deal Sequel

The Resurrection of John Winchester

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Story

The Mine

Crossover Stories

Angel Comes to Smallville an Angel and Smallville crossover

Duke Meets Kent a Dukes and Smallville crossover

The Winchesters Visit Smallville a Supernatural and Smallville crossover

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