Smallville Stories

Smallville Series: Friendship
(This series is currently an incomplete work in progress, but each chapter has a relatively satisfactory stopping point.)

Chapter 1 - 12 year old Clark and 18 year old Lex are both having a bad summer, until the day Lex arrives drunk at the Kent farm and Martha decides to keep him.

Chapter 2 - Lex has trouble adjusting to being part of a family during his first two weeks on the farm.

Chapter 3 - Lex gets comfortable living at the farm. He continues to build a friendship with Clark, and finds himself trusting Martha and Jonathan to take on a more parental role for him. Lionel disrupts things once he discovers how close his son has become to the Kents.

Chapter 4 - Jonathan and Martha decide to let Lex have a trial run at being responsible during a night out at Metropolis.

Chapter 5 - Lex decides to investigate his father's shady business during his last two weeks of summer break.

Chapter 6 - After a horrible Christmas with Lionel, Lex has trouble focusing on his classes during his freshman year of college, and Jonathan has to help him get back on track.

Chapter 7 - During the summer between Lex's freshman and sophomore years in college, he discovers that the Kents were keeping something from him, and feels betrayed.

Chapter 8 - During Lex's sophomore year in college, he confront's Lionel about a childhood trauma.

Chapter 9 - During the summer between Lex's sophomore and junior years in college, he feels the need to push the limits that Jonathan and Martha have set for him.

Chapter 10 - Lionel and Lex try to build a new relationship, with Martha's help, during the summer between Lex's sophomore and junior years in college.

Chapter 11 - During the summer between Lex's junior and senior years in college Martha finds out about his past relationships with women, and decides he needs some new rules. Lex meets Dr. Helen Bryce and asks her out on a date.

Stand Alone Stories

Consequences for Your Actions - This story is baised on the episode 'Exodus'. This is my take on what Jonathan should have done to get Clark home.

The Note - This story is baised on the episode 'Sacred'. This is how I think Clark's parents should have responded after he ran off to China.

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