Charmed Stories

Completed Series: Home Again

Chapter 1 - This chapter is set during the episode "Spin City" and has references to the following episodes: "Chris Crossed", "I Dream of Phoebe", "Midnight Rendezvous", and "Hyde School Reunion". Leo finds out he is Chris' father, and reacts differently than he did in the show.

Chapter 2 - Chris has trouble adjusting when his parents try to control his behavior. He devises a plan to manipulate his parents into doing things his way.

Chapter 3 - This chapter has light spoilers for the episode 'Charmed on Trial'. Chris, Leo, and PIper become more of a family, but Chris still has trouble with trust, and doesn't follow Leo's orders. Phoebe loses her powers due to misuse.

Chapter 4 - This chapter has spoilers for the episodes 'Long Day's Journey', and 'Witch Wars'. Chris admits to his last secret, and worries about what kind of future he will be going back to. Paige uses magic for personal gain and has to deal with the consequences.

Chapter 5 - This chapter has specific spoilers for the episodes 'It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World' parts 1 and 2. The entire family works together to get Chris back to his own time with many twists and turns along the way. Posted September 2017.

Stand Alone Stories

Back In Time - This story has spoilers for the episode 'Someone to Witch Over Me'. Teenage Wyatt and Chris go back in time to make Leo change his mind about being an Avitar.

Phoebe and Cole - This story has spoilers for the episode 'Enter the Demon'. Phoebe tries to push Cole into trying out a new kink.

In Control - This story takes place in season 2. Piper has a crush on her neighbor Dan and when his neice Jenny arrives for a visit Piper befriends her. Jenny wants to go to Piper's bar to hear a band. Both Dan and Piper say no but Jenny decides to sneak in anyway.

The Charmed Angel - This is a CROSSOVER story between the shows Charmed and Angel. Paige gets a temp job working at Angel Investigations, and reacts badly to finding out she's working with vampires.

Charmed screencaptures courtesy of me - I did them myself.

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