Angel and Buffy tVS Universe

Angel Series: How it Should Have Been
(This series is currently an incomplete work in progress, but each chapter has a relatively satisfactory stopping point.)

Chapter 1 - Angel confronts Connor after being brought back up from the ocean floor. Connor stuggles against Angel's rules and the two of them get to know each other better.

Chapter 2 - Connor settles into living with Angel and his friends. Angel tells Connor why Holtz hated him, and their tenative relationship is strained.

Chapter 3 - Angel wants Lorne to come home to the hotel, but Connor was raised to hate all demons. Lorne is attacked, and Wesley is unlucky in love.

Chapter 4 - Fred has a traumatic experience. Connor meets a girl named Julie.

Chapter 5 - Connor tries to keep his relationship with Julie a secret. Angel isn't happy about it.

Chapter 6 - Julie meets Connor's family.

Chapter 7 - The Beast comes out of the ground, and seems to have an unnatural connection to Connor.

Chapter 8 - Angel and Connor both try to fight The Beast.

Chapter 9 - Angel and the team try to stop The Beast from blotting out the sun.

Chapter 10 - Cordelia comes home to help everyone, and to bring the sun back.

Chapter 11 - Angelus is loose and terrorises everyone on the team, especially Connor.

Chapter 12 - Faith comes to town to help get the sun back, and Willow comes to town to help get Angel back.

Chapter 13 - Connor and Angel struggle to get back to a normal relationship after the things Angelus said, while Connor and Julie make a big decision together. Posted January 2012

Stand Alone Stories

Whipped Into Submission - This story takes place prior to either series. Drusilla has needs that aren't being met now that Angel has become Angelus, and Spike decides to step up and fill those needs before Dru gets them both killed. Posted July 2017.

Worth it - This story takes place during the season 2 episode 16 of Buffy, 'Bewitched, Bothered, & Bewildered'. Xander has dabbled in magic with disastrous results, and Giles needs to make sure it won't happen again.

The People Cellar - This story takes place in Season 2 of Angel during episode 10, 'Reunion'. Darla and Dru take revenge on the people of Wolfram and Hart. With Dru's help, Darla figures out how to get the reaction she wants from Lindsey.

A Binding Contract - This story that takes place during Season 2 of Angel a few days after episode 18, 'Dead End'. Lindsey has left Wolfram and Hart, but they don't want to let him go. Cordelia sees a vision about Lindsey, and Angel is forced to protect him, even though neither of them is happy about the situation.

Moving Forward - This story takes place after the 5th season of Buffy tVS and before the 6th season. With Buffy gone, Dawn starts acting out, and Spike steps in to make her stop.

Moving Forward Part 2 - This story takes place after the 5th season of Buffy tVS and before the 6th season. Spike, Willow, and Tara decide on the best way to help Dawn, and Buffybot decides that Spike needs help too. Posted March 2012

Public Punishment - This is an Alternate Universe for Angel in which Cordelia never comes back, the Beast never shows up, and Angel decides to keep Connor instead of sending him away after episode 1 of season 4, 'Deep Down'. Angel tries grounding Connor, but it doesn't work.

That Once Part 1 - This takes place during the 7th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, directly after episode 2, 'Beneath You'. And during the 4th season of Angel, directly after episode 2, 'Ground State'. Buffy asks Angel to help her with Spike when she realizes he has a soul back. Angel takes Spike out of town for a week to help him get past his guilt.

That Once Part 2 - In this chapter Angel and Spike end up getting much closer than either of them expected.

Running Off - This takes place early in Season 5 of Angel, and after season 7 of Buffy. Dawn shows up at Angel's office, and wants to stay with him and Spike, instead of going to Europe with Buffy.

Angel's Family - This is an Alternate Universe set during season 5 of Angel between episode 9, 'Harm's Way' and episode 10, 'Soul Purpose', and after season 7 of Buffy. Connor has been living in Europe with Buffy. When he sees a bleached blond vampire spying on his new friends, Connor goes behind Buffy's back and follows the vampire back to the U.S., and ends up on Angel's doorstep.

Sore Loser - This drabble takes place late in Season 5 of Angel. Angel and Spike make a bet that ends badly for Angel.

Buffy & Angel Ficlets - Two little ficlets I wrote for a challenge. Posted July 2013.

Crossover Stories with other Fandoms

The Charmed Angel - This is a Crossover story between the shows Angel and Charmed from my Miscellaneous Page. This takes place after season 5 of Angel. Angel Investigations hires a receptionist from a temp agency, only to find out she's a witch who has issues with vampires. When she tries to attack Angel, Connor stands up for his father, trying to make up for the things he did in the past.

Lust At First Sight - This is a Crossover story between the shows Angel and As the World Turns from my Miscellaneous Page. This takes place 3 years after season 5 of Angel. Angel Invistigations takes on a new case, and Angel finds himself unexpectedly protective of, and attracted to their client.

Angel and Buffy tVS screencaptures courtesy of me - I did them myself.

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