Andromeda Stories

Completed Series: Harper Finds a Home

Chapter 1 - This chapter has spoilers for the episode 'Be All My Sins Remembered'. Harper is homeless, and Becka takes him abord the Maru, and makes him part of her crew.

Chapter 2 - Harper and Becka take a vacation, and Harper learns to surf.

Chapter 3 - Harper gets his neural port, and is anxious to use it, instead of following the doctor's orders about taking it easy after the surgery. Trance joins the crew.

Chapter 4 - Becka, Trance, and Harper go undercover to take a risky job back on Earth.

Stand Alone Stories

Becka's Methods - This story takes place during the episode 'Angel Dark Demon Bright'. Dylan wants to make sure Harper will follow orders in the future.

Racing Ships - This story takes place during the episode "Vault of the Heavens'. Harper has been racing the Andromeda, and Dylan isn't happy about it.

Andromeda screencaptures courtesy of me - I did them myself.

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