Author: Buffyxenaman
Prompt: Spouse
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Author’s Website: Buffyxenaman's page
Author’s Notes: DISCLAIMER: Ownership belongs to others. WARNING: Spanking Slash Dean/Castiel. SUMMARY: Dean goes off on a hunt alone and almost gets killed. Now Castiel will teach his husband a lesson he will never forget.


Ever since he was old enough to remember Dean was the one to take care of his brother, Sam when their Dad went on a job. This meant Dean would give his little brother a spanking once in a while. The worse one was when Sam started high school, and disappeared on him for eight hours.

Years later, out of nowhere, Dean fell in love with, and started dating Castiel. When Castiel was learning to be human, Dean ended up giving him a good amount of spankings, too. The worse one was when Castiel took the Impala for a joy ride. Sitting down was hard for him to do for a week.

The only person to ever spank Dean was his father, John. The last time this happened was a week before John disappeared. They’d gotten into a shouting match that ended up with Dean throwing a vase at John. In turn Dean felt the painful sting of his father’s belt. Since then Dean had never found himself in that position… until now.

Dean had gone on a hunt alone. There had been a Wedigo spotted nearby, so Dean decided to take care of it by himself, and to make matters worse, he didn’t bother telling Casteil or Sam where he was going. When Dean found the Wendigo, it wasn’t alone. In moments Dean was on the ground with cuts, blood, and bruises covering his body. The Flare gun he’d brought with him was lost, and things were looking bad. Then out of no where, Sam and Castiel showed up. Sam took one Wendigo out by surprise, and Castiel managed to touch the other, using his Angel powers to finish it off. The last thing Dean saw before blacking out was the two of them walking towards him.

Slowly Dean opened his eyes to see where he was. The first thing he noticed was a warm feeling over his body. It took a moment for him to focus on the person standing over him. Once he could focus, he saw Castiel standing over him. A light from Castiel’s hands was healing his war wounds. In a moment the wounds were gone and Dean was feeling much better.

“Cass, where am I?” Dean asked, slowly sitting up.

“In your room in the bunker. We brought you here after the attack.”

Dean sat up and asked his next question. “How did you find me?”

“Dean, we are one being now since we met, and more so since we got married a few months ago. I can sense where you are at all times even with the anti-angel tracking seal on your ribs.”

Dean rubbed his eyes to get the leftover sleep out of them.

“Dean, you know we will have to talk about what you did right?”

“No we don’t,” Dean jumped off the bed, ready to leave the room. “What I need to do is take a shower and get something to eat.”

Dean tried to walk past Castiel, but this plan was stopped when a hand grabbed his arm. A few hard tugs from the hunter were useless. When Dean heard the words ‘We will have to talk,’ he knew what it meant right away, because he had used those words on both Sam and Castiel before a spanking.

“Dean, if I did what you did what would have happened to me?”

Dean remained quiet, not wanting to answer the question that Castel already knew the answer to. For a full minute there wasn’t a sound heard, so the Angel answered for him, “You would have had me over your knees as soon as we were back, and you would have grounded me for a good long time. Right?”

Dean just gave a few nods of his head.

“Alright,” Castiel released Dean’s arm. “Get undressed, and then you will get over my lap.”

This was still unbelievable. It’s had been years since he was spanked, and knew he didn’t want to feel another one.

Castiel could sense his husband’s fear while Dean delayed getting the request done.

“Dean, I don’t ask twice. Do as you are told. You have ten seconds to start.”

The smart thing to do would have been to listen, but due to his fear and panic Dean didn’t do the smart thing. The voice in the back of his head told him to not say the following words, but his mouth didn’t listen, “I think I’ll call your bluff about asking twice, and see what the almighty Angel is going to do about it.”

Within seconds Dean found himself bent over the bed. Castiel’s hand held him down by the back of the neck, while the other one removed his belt, and lowered his pants and boxers.

“Alright smart ass, you asked for this,” Castiel said as he folded the belt in half.

In a few movements Dean was over Castiel’s lap, and the belt was coming down hard on his rear end. Dean yelped when it made contact. He had forgotten how much this hurt, and it was only going to get worse. The belt went down a second time with the same effect.

Castiel started lecturing, and he brought the belt down with each word to make his point.

“You have no room to be smart with me right now. You went after the Wendigo yourself, and almost got killed. You made bad choices today, and you must live with the consequences. Is that clear Dean?”

“Yes Cass.” Tears were leaking out of the corner of his eyes. For two more minutes the spanking went on, covering every inch of Dean’s butt, and tears were flowing nonstop from his eyes.

Castiel decided to stop, since that was just the spanking for disobeying. The belt was thrown aside, and he stood Dean up in front of him. Taking both of his husband’s hands in his own, Castiel talked to him in a soft voice. “That spanking was for smarting off and not doing as you were told. Next time I expect you to listen. Understand me?”


“Good, now I will give you a few kisses, and a long hug, before I have you stand in the corner for ten minutes.’

“Yes Cass.”

Standing up he gave Dean two kisses on the lips and held him for a long time. When he felt that Dean had been held long enough, he gave him two more kisses and sent him to stand in the corner with his hand lock behind his head. The hunter stood like that for ten minutes before Castiel summoned him to stand in front of him.

“You will do as you are told when it comes to these things. Is that understood?”


“Good, now remove your clothes and get over my lap.” Without delay Dean was undressed and over Castiel’s lap. The Angel took a moment to tuck both of Dean’s hands under his stomach, and then wrapped his arm around the hunter’s waist.

“Why are getting spanked?”

“I went all stupid on a hunt and almost got killed.”


Castiel’s hand came down hard on the already sore behind at a surprising speed. Dean barely had time react before the hand struck again, and again, raining down on every inch of his butt.

“Cass, stop! I’ve learned my lesson.”

While tipping Dean down to expose his sensitive sit spots, Castiel thought to himself, ‘Yeah I remember saying those words not too long ago when I was over Dean’s lap.’ His hand came down with loud spank on Dean’s sit spot.

A yell escaped Dean’s throat. ‘Oh God I forgot how much a spanking there hurts,’ he thought. The hand kept coming down harder and harder as seconds slowly went by.

“Dean, I will tell you something, and you better listen.” Tears were slipping out of the hunter’s eyes. He was in no mood to have a good talking to, but then again to argue at a moment like this would have been stupid, so he kept his mouth shut. “I love you with all my heart and soul, but I didn’t marry a damn fool who would throw away his life at a moment’s notice.” The hand doubled down hard on the sit spots, which made Dean try to get away, but sadly he couldn’t, because Castiel had an iron grip around his waist.

“I don’t want to be a widower after only two months of marriage. Do you understand me?”
“Yes,” Dean yelled, and then went limp over Castiel’s lap, letting the tears take him over.

Hearing the crying broke Castiel’s heart, but he knew if the situation were reversed, Dean would have kept going even if it did hurt his heart.

“Two minutes and we will be done,” Castiel said.

Dean hated hearing that. For the next two minutes, Dean sobbed hard while his butt felt like a bonfire.

Finally the spanking stopped. Dean felt his body being moved in his husband’s strong arms. Castiel carefully stood up, and Dean felt his body being shifted into a different position. Castiel managed to lean himself against the wall with Dean lying on his chest with both arms wrapped around the body.

For the next thirty minutes, Dean cried into Castiel’s chest. Castiel kissed Dean’s forehead, and the top of head, once in a while to show that he was still there. Once Dean was able to claim down, they began to talk.

“Dean, I understand that you are a hunter, and always will be one, even if we are married, but you going out like that and nearly getting yourself killed should have never happened. With a hunt you never know what is going to happen, or what little thing could change to make it more dangerous. Today you left without back up, and almost got killed because of it. As your husband, I say you need to stop and think before you do this again. Is that understood?”


“Good.” Lifting Dean’s chin he gave him a couple of long overdue kisses. “I love you husband.”

“I love too.”

They kissed for a few minutes before Dean painfully got off Castiel and on to his feet. Slowly he walked to the mirror in the room to inspect the damage that was done. His butt was a little bit redder than a tomato.

“Wow Cass, you really got me good.”

A shameless smile graced Castiel’s face. “I learned from the best.”

Dean stuck out his tongue playfully at the Angel.

“I tell you what Dean, lay down on the bed, and I will get you a fresh apple pie.”

A smile grew on the hunter’s face. “Can I have whip cream with it?”

“I will get a large container of the stuff and we can use it for more than just pie.”

“I knew there was a good reason I married you.”

“I knew there had been a good reason, too.”

They both laughed as Castiel stood up, and walked across the room to give his husband a nice long kiss, before he left to get supplies for a fun evening.


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