Author: atalantaj
Prompt: sibling
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Author's Website: Atalantaj LJ
Author's Note: Summary - A sibling is many things if you're a Winchester. Genre - Angst, Drama, last part is pure crack. Spanking parings - Mentions of John spanks Sam and Dean, Dean spanks Sam, Sam spanks Dean, Bobby spanks Dean.


A sibling is a hero…

"Dean? You okay."

"I'm fine Sam, stop making such a big deal over this." Dean yelled slamming their front door.

"You really look like crap."


"I'm serious, why don't you sit down?" Sam walked his brother into the kitchen of the small, one bedroom apartment the boys were sharing with their father.

"Leave me alone." Dean tried to shrug Sam off.

"We need to get you cleaned up. It would be easier with you sitting down." Sam grabbed a first aid kit.

"I got it." Dean waved his brother away. He tried to walk towards the bathroom to clean his wounds but his whole body hurt and he wasn't able to make it, and as small as a fourteen year old Sam was, he had enough strength when it really mattered. That much had been more than obvious tonight on Dean's hunt, and now Dean found himself being forced down onto a kitchen stool, with his brother's arm across his collar bone to keep him in place, much to Dean's chagrin. Dean wondered when Sam got so big.

"Stay put." Sam ordered opening up their first aid kit and taking out a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, some gauze and surgical tape, Sam handed Dean a bottle of whiskey, which was also a part of the kit.

"We can't tell dad about this." Dean took a big swig of the whiskey. "You didn't follow orders. He'll be pissed. He'll rip you a new one." Dean pulled off his bloody shirt and looked down at his torso, which was covered in cuts.

"You don't think he's going to notice that I joined you on the hunt? I'm too banged up for him to believe I really stayed home tonight, and he won't hit me hard. I was rescuing you and I'm hurt."

"I won't let him hit you at all." Dean said with determination, even though Sam deserved a good beating from their father with the belt for being so stupid and stubborn, and putting himself in danger, but he couldn't let Sam get in trouble for this. He wasn't the one who had really screwed up here. "You weren't supposed to be there Sam." Dean almost cried. He was ashamed of himself. His feelings of shame were worse than the physical pain he was in at the moment, and worse than anything their father could inflict with his belt.

He watched Sam pour hydrogen peroxide over one of his cuts and attempt to cover it with gauze and surgical tape. The hunt he had been on was one of his first hunts alone. He was supposed to prove to his father that he could handle a solo hunt, and he had fucked up royally, and on top of that Sam had followed him and intervened without permission no less, and had gotten hurt saving him. He wasn't even able to protect his little brother. He was pathetic. Dean thought he was the one who should be punished. He'd convince his father of it and would welcome it.
"Well, I'm glad I was there Dean." Sam could read in his brother's face and body language exactly what he was thinking. He wished Dean wasn't so screwed in the head. It was dad's doing and Sam despised the man for it. Sam couldn't believe what Dean was thinking. Dean was always protecting him. Well, it was a two way street. Sam wasn't going to let his brother get in trouble for something Sam did. He had kept Dean safe from that spirit tonight and he'd guard Dean against himself and dad if needed.

"I'm glad you were there too." Dean admitted softly. He wasn't sure he would be here right now talking to his little brother if it hadn't been for Sam. "But, I'm supposed to be the one to save you." He mumbled.

"Why? Because you're the oldest?" Sam asked haughtily.

"No, because you're my responsibility."

"You're my responsibility too Dean, and always will be." Sam raised his voice. He ignored the surprised look on Dean's face. It was an insult to Sam. Sam always hated the double standard between them, that it was okay for Dean to protect him but not the reverse. "You're going to need a couple of stitches for this." Sam lowered his voice and removed the blood soaked gauze and tape from an especially deep wound on Dean's chest. It's bleeding pretty bad. I'll get our suture kit, and sew you up quick."

"What about you? You're hopping and your left eye is swollen shut." Dean observed.

"I just sprained my ankle and a black eye? It's nothing." Sam winced, wishing he wasn't in so much pain. He wanted to take care of Dean.

"You always were a bad liar Sammy. Sit your ass down and elevate your foot. I'll sew this up and be with you in a minute." Dean was glad Sam obeyed. He washed his hands and made quick work of stitching up his chest before grabbing a couple of bags of frozen vegetables from their freezer.

"Thanks." Sam said taking the two bags of vegetables. He looked up at Dean and as much physical pain as he was in; looking at his brother took the pain away. Dean stared back at Sam and smiled. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for his little brother.

"Don't thank me dude. I'm the one who should be thanking you." Dean broke the stare first. He grabbed the bags of vegetables and gently placed one on Sam's ankle and motioned for his brother to put his head back. He put the other bag in Sam's hand and watched as Sam put it over his eye. Dean sat down next to him. They would take care of each other.

A sibling is sometimes worse than a parent…

Sam walked slowly back to the motel room. He glanced back at his father in the Impala. The man wouldn't drive away until Sam was safely in the room. Sam took out the motel key and slid it into the lock. The door clicked and Sam pulled on the handle and stepped inside. He listened as his father drove out of the motor court. He shut the door. Sam wasn't sure when his father would be back, maybe a couple of hours? The longer he was away the better. Sam didn't want anything to do with the man.

When he walked into the room, the thought of taking off again played briefly in his head, but he didn't have the energy and didn't think he could deal with his father again when he found him. He hated that his father was always able to track him down. The only thing he wanted to do now was crash. He was tired and sore, but a hot shower would help. He wondered where Dean was, well wherever he was, dad had called him and he'd be back shortly, probably sooner than dad. Dad needed some time to cool off.

Sam looked around the motel room. It was nice having the place to himself, it wasn't too often he got to be alone. It's why Sam didn't regret what he did. He had been alone. He had been free. It had been worth it. It was always worth it when he got away.
Sam grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. He heard the door click. "Sammy?" Dean called out frantically stepping into the room.
"Dean." Sam said looking at his brother. Dean looked at him and Sam could see relief wash over his face, where a moment before there had been fear and concern. Sam felt bad. It was one thing running away from dad, the man deserved it, but did his brother?
Dean started approaching him, and Sam thought for a moment that his brother was going to hug him. He thought it would be a little awkward, even if being hugged always made Sam feel loved, especially if it was Dean doing the hugging. But Dean's expression changed, and before Sam even had the opportunity to guess what was going to happen, Sam found himself being dragged to one of the beds in the motel room. He never imagined it happening, but he was over Dean's lap, and Dean was laying hard smacks down onto his ass. Sam heard Dean lecturing him about having run away and about being stupid, and how Dean thought he was dead, but Sam couldn't make sense of it. He was too stunned. He struggled to release himself, squirming and kicking. He got loose but Dean grabbed him again. He kicked Dean in the face but Dean continued the assault, struggling to keep Sam in place.

Sam was embarrassed; awkward didn't even begin to cover this. Who the hell went around spanking their little brother? It was humiliating being prone over his brother's lap and getting smacked in the ass.

And the pain, Sam was squirming so much, that most of the swats landed on his back or on his side, some ended up on his legs, but the few that Dean got on his behind and the back of his thighs, Sam found himself yelping. Dad had already punished him yesterday for taking off, only it had been done on the bare with the man's leather belt, and the fresh smacks reignited the fire in his ass.

Dean reached in front of Sam to unbutton his pants. Sam put his hand over his brother's and tried to stop him, but Dean finally got the upper hand. He used one hand to pin Sam's hands behind his back and he put a leg over his brother's legs. He unbuttoned Sam's pants and unzipped them. He slid the jeans to Sam's knees.

Sam hated that he couldn't really move. He closed his eyes and hoped Dean wouldn't pull down his boxers too. It would be too much. He didn't want his brother to see him naked. It was bad enough that Dean could see the stripes the belt left behind splayed over the back of his thighs. Dean didn't need to see his ass too, and the welt dad had accidentally left on him.

Dean grabbed the waistband of Sam's boxers and yanked them down. Sam only managed to cry out "no" once before receiving one of the worst spankings he had ever received. Dad's spankings weren't ever this bad.

Sam wondered where Dean had picked up the method to start out almost mild with the swats and then to get harder and faster, so that each round of slaps was worse than the last one, until Sam was writhing, crying and saying sorry over and over again. He just wanted the spanking to end, and thought he couldn't take anymore. It was horrible, the volume alone was awful, but then Dean finally stopped and released him.

Sam scooted up onto the bed away from his brother. His jeans and boxers still bunched at his knees. His chest and chin were on the bed. His feet were up in the air, and his hands were covering his achy and throbbing ass. It wasn't the most dignified position he had ever been in, but Sam could care less about that at the moment. The pain was too overwhelming for him to be so concerned with appearances. Sam allowed himself to cry; unlike he did when dad did the spanking.

Dean stood up. He turned his head away, unable to look at Sam. He couldn't believe he had really just spanked his brother and had used a spanking method called the crescendo principle he had read about in some adult magazine that promised a strong psychological effect on the spankee. What the fuck was wrong with him? He wished he hadn't been so determined to see this punishment crap through.

Dean very coldly told Sam that if he ever decided to take off again or put himself in trouble that he could expect a spanking like this again, only next time it would be longer and would hurt more. He'd probably even use a belt and it would be in addition to whatever dad decided to dole out as well.

It was all posturing though and Dean hoped Sam couldn't see through it, as there was no way in hell he was doing this shit again. The next time Sam fucked up Dean was flat out punching him across the face. It was clean, simple and made a point. It's what brothers were supposed to do when the other had screwed up, not spank each other.

When dad called him yesterday after finding Sam, he told Dean he was going to punish Sam, but that Dean should do it too, to make an impression on Sam about following his brother's rules, after all it was Dean who Sam had snuck out on.

Dean wasn't so sure he liked the idea, but he trusted his father and Sam had to be kept safe, and Dean had to admit that Sam did deserve one hell of a punishment for his Houdini act. Dean couldn't remember the last time he had been so frightened, so Dean told his father he'd spank Sam too.

He had even spent the entire day that his father and Sam were driving back doing research on spanking. He didn't want to mess this up. That was when he remembered a spanking method he had read about once. It had been written about as a consensual and kinky thing but Dean thought maybe he could use it in a disciplinary setting, but now he regretted it. Spanking Sam just felt cruel and wrong. He even questioned if it would have any effect on curbing Sam's independent streak. He doubted it. Dad's spankings never did anything. Why should it be any different with him as the spanker?

Sam listened to his brother's threat. He didn't want to believe it. Dean had been as upset as him during the spanking. Sam could hear it in his brother's voice when he was beating Sam's ass, but Sam couldn't take another spanking from his brother, it had been too much. He thought the humiliation was the worst part. It wasn't anything he'd be able to forget when the physical pain went away. He looked back at Dean and told him he'd stay put, before laying his head down and crying into the comforter.

A sibling can be annoying.
And sometimes they get you in trouble…

"What are you so happy about?" Sam asked throwing down their backpack of supplies they had just used on a hunt. There had been a poltergeist at the local Middle School. It had been an easy enough hunt but they took Bobby with them just for the company as he had been itching for a hunt lately. They were staying in a motel and Bobby had the room next door.

"Nothing, just it was a good hunt wasn't it?" Dean smiled.

"Yeah, for you maybe, you weren't in the kitchen when the poltergeist decided to have a hissy fit and throw green Jell-O and milk all over the place. "I smell sour and my hair is covered in green gook." Sam griped.

"Eh, it's easy enough to wash off." Dean shrugged his brother's whining off. Sam shook his head at his brother's lack of sympathy for his plight, before grabbing his sleep clothes and storming into the shower.

When Sam came out of the shower Dean was on his bed examining a wooden paddle.

"Where did you get that?"

"Stole it from the school."


"Hell yeah." Dean grinned swiping the air with it. The paddle had holes in it and made a most impressive whishing noise.


"What do you mean why? It's to save some poor kid from getting hit." Dean waved the paddle again and started making light saber noises with it. He grinned very pleased with himself.

"Maybe the kid deserves it."

"You don't think Saturday detention is a worse punishment? Sam, Saturday and detention what's not to understand about the horror there?"

"If the school has corporal punishment I'm sure there's a reason. It's probably quite effective."

"Sure it's effective, if you're a minority group or a boy. Don't you read the statistics, on who's always getting the paddle in schools?"

"Not really, and the schools we went to that had it, it was effective. I was definitely on my best behavior, and all the kids I knew had gotten it didn't get in trouble again."

"You were always on your best behavior, every school we went to, corporal punishment or not, geek."

"Fine, whatever, you done playing? It's late and I'm tired. Can we turn off the lights and go to bed?"



"Fine, better let Sammy get to sleep. It's past his bedtime. You're so crabby." Dean walked past Sam and smacked him on the ass with the paddle.

"Dean." Sam barked turning around to glare at his brother. He rubbed his behind.

"Just testing out a theory." Dean laughed. He waved the paddle in Sam's direction. Sam reached for it but Dean pulled it away. It was amazing, Sam sucked as much at keep away as he did when a kid.

"What theory you trying to test out?" Sam lunged for the paddle but Dean pulled it back just in time.

"Was wondering if hitting you would make you less crabby. Guess it doesn't. This supports my theory on corporal punishment."

"Oh yeah, what's that?"

"Hitting never works." Dean smacked Sam again with the paddle, and the two of them started to do a little dance with Sam trying to grab the paddle, and Dean keeping it just out of his reach or swatting Sam with it.

"Give me that?" Sam tried tackling his brother but Dean hit him on the leg with the paddle.

"Yeah, right I'm giving you my new toy. This thing is awesome."

"Fine, you want to play?" Sam looked around the room for an object, anything to hit Dean back with. He smiled when he spotted his belt. He picked up the belt and folded it in half.

"Oh, that's really fair, belts hurt more than paddles Sam, they wrap around you, you sadistic freak."

"Yeah they do, Sadistic freak right here," and now Dean found himself being chased around the room by Sam with his belt. Sam would get Dean with the belt and then Dean would get Sam back with the paddle, both guys yelping out "ow," and "Jerk," or "freak," when they were struck on the ass or legs. While fighting they managed to knock over a table, and two lamps. When the television tumbled to the floor and made a loud crash they got a pounding at the door.

"Who's that?" Both guys asked each other together. Dean held the paddle behind his back to conceal it, and Sam wrapped the belt around his knuckles. They were used to improvising when a weapon was needed. It was quicker than finding a gun in all this mess. Dean put a finger over his lips to hush Sam and headed to the door, Sam was right behind him. Dean looked through the peep hole.

"It's just Bobby." Dean said with relief.

Dean opened the door. "What the hell is going on in here? You two all right?" Bobby asked with concern. Bobby was smart enough to be armed with a hand gun. He looked around the room with concern. When no immediate danger revealed itself he glared at the two idjits in front of him. "Boys it three in the morning, and what you two decided to act like your some kind of fancy rock stars and trash your room?"

"Sorry to wake you Bobby." Dean said putting the paddle down.

"What were you doing with that?" Bobby looked at Dean and then to Sam. His first impression was that Dean was wailing on Sam with the paddle. He wondered what the poor kid had done now. The boys did have a strange relationship that Bobby knew changed sometimes from brother to brother to Dean going all parental on Sam, but when he saw the belt that Sam had unwound from his fist; the way the kid folded in half, kept it taut and pointed at Dean who gave Sam the finger, okay, he really didn't want to know.

"We were just messing around Bobby." Dean tried to explain.

"Right I'll leave you two back to your business."

"Bet you think Dean and I were beating up each other huh?"

"Well, I…"

"You're right." Dean smiled.


"Ask Dean for the explanation. He started it." Sam said tossing his belt back onto his bed. He and Dean were acting like idiots. Sam asked himself why he always let Dean drag him into these stupid games. He wondered why Dean's games always involved some amount of physical pain too.

"Isn't the paddle cool? I stole it from our job."

"And then he decided it would be fun to smack me with it. All I wanted was to go to bed." Sam bitched. "That's it? Why don't I ever get what I want?" Sam about stomped his foot and Bobby took a deep breath. These two were too much.

"Oh God. The baby is tired again. Seriously Sam…"Dean yelled, and before Bobby could say anything else Sam and Dean were foot to foot and almost nose to nose arguing.

Bobby had tried to call out "Boys," to break up the fighting. They were giving him a headache, but Sam and Dean were too involved in each other to hear him. Bobby strolled over to the table Dean had left the paddle on and grabbed it. He grabbed Dean too and bent him over one of the beds and gave him ten hard licks with the paddle. Dean was too stunned to resist or respond. When it was over, the only thing he could think to do was stand up and grab his ass, which hurt and a lot.

"Act your age boy." Bobby scolded. "You want to steal a paddle fine, but don't be hitting your brother with it, because you're bored."

"Yes Sir." Dean said backing up against the nearest wall to protect his tender backside from anymore assault.

"And Sam your twenty four years old stop bitching like a four year old."

"Got it." Sam looked at his brother and quickly made his way to the closest wall too. He put his hands over his ass also as added protection; no way in hell was he leaving his ass exposed to Bobby or the paddle.

"I'll keep this nice and safe for you boys." Bobby said patting his hand with the paddle. Now both of you clean up this mess and get your asses to bed." Bobby ordered pointing the paddle at them. He nodded at them before heading out the door again.

"Shit." Dean whimpered. His ass felt like it was on fire. He wondered where in the hell Bobby had learned to swing like that.

"Bet you won't be going after me with the next paddle you decide to steal right?" Sam said staring at Dean. His brother had walked to the closest mirror. He had pulled down his pants and boxers, and was examining the damage the paddle had left behind. Sam winced in sympathy, so that was what fire engine red looked like, interesting.

"You got that, not if Bobby is around geez. I've learned my lesson. Dean pulled up his underwear and jeans again.

"Then I'd say in this case corporal punishment worked great didn't it?" Sam smiled.

"Dude, just shut the fuck up. Dean said giving Sam a shove and then Dean collapsed onto his bed stomach first. Sam could pick up the mess.

The End

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