Author: Cat
Prompt: Restrain
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Spanking; mentions of violence; spoilers up to and including the season five episode Hammer of the Gods
Author's Website: Cat's Page
Author's Notes: I don't own anything from Supernatural and I'm not making any money from this fic. AU. Michael shows up just after Lucifer stabs Gabriel and deals with his two wayward brothers


Gabriel stared up at Lucifer, impaled on his brother's blade. He coughed once and felt blood trickle out of his mouth. Then, when Lucifer pulled his sword out of his chest, Gabriel stumbled backwards and slowly collapsed onto the ground. He struggled to breathe, staring up at Lucifer, knowing that he was going to die.

Lucifer stared down at Gabriel, his face unreadable. The eyes of his vessel were fairly dark, but it was difficult to tell if that was because of how he was feeling, or something that was wrong with his vessel. Slowly, he knelt down next to Gabriel's body, reaching out and placing a hand over the wound in Gabriel's chest. "Why did you make me do it?" he muttered.

Gabriel tried to reply, but his voice wouldn't work. He could feel himself slipping away, no matter how hard he tried to cling onto life. His vision was beginning to grow dark, even though his eyes were still open. He groped blindly and felt his hand gripped. He wasn't used to this sort of contact, but it held some kind of comfort for him.

"I'm sorry..." Lucifer said quietly.

"No, you're not."

Gabriel heard the new voice, but he couldn't focus on it. The next moment, though, his other hand was taken. "Don't disappear," the newcomer warned.

"Is it time for us to fight?" Lucifer sounded tired more than anything else.

"We're not fighting, Lucifer." The new person moved their hand to Gabriel's chest and, the next moment, the youngest arch angel felt the pain go and his vision return to normal.

Gabriel blinked a few times, able to see Lucifer on one side of him and a young man on the other side. Although outwardly, the man appeared to be human, Gabriel could see his oldest brother inside the human vessel and he cringed, realising Michael wouldn't be happy with the way things had turned out.

"What do you mean, we're not fighting?" Lucifer demanded. "I have an army of demons to get back to." He let go of Gabriel's hand. "And I'm going there now."

"You're not going anywhere." Michael made a slight gesture and some kind of force pulled Lucifer back, pinning him against the wall and holding him there. Michael then turned his attention to Gabriel, reaching out and helping him up. "You haven't exactly been behaving yourself, Gabriel." As he spoke, he lightly touched Gabriel's wrists and metal handcuffs appeared around his skin. "It's time to pay the piper, as the humans say." He glanced over at Lucifer. "For both of you."

"What are you going to do?" Gabriel asked uncertainly.

"What I should have done before all this started." Michael pulled Gabriel over to one of the chairs and seated himself, pulling Gabriel over to stand in front of him. "And once I've finished with the both of you, we are going to work on being a proper family again," he said firmly.

"Whoa... you can't do this!" Gabriel protested, struggling in vain to try and free his hands. It seemed Michael was fully aware of the fact that Gabriel used his hands to control reality. With his hands restrained, Gabriel was completely helpless – and couldn't do anything to stop his older brother as Michael pulled him across his lap.

At least the Winchesters and Kali had gone, but Gabriel had to admit, that was one of the last things he was worried about. He lay there across Michael's lap with his hands cuffed in front of him and worried more about how ridiculous he looked than what his big brother was about to do to him.

Gabriel stiffened as he felt the hand of Michael's vessel resting on his backside. "Michael, you don't have to do this. Come on! Compared to Lucifer, I've behaved perfectly."

"Nice to see nothing's changed," Lucifer commented from his position against the wall. "You're still trying to put the blame on someone else."

"And you're not?" Gabriel demanded. "It's always 'oh, poor me!' with you. Everyone else is to blame for what you've done!"

"Quiet, both of you," Michael said, his voice calm. "This has gone on long enough – and both of you have earned this punishment."

Gabriel stiffened automatically as he felt Michael lift his hand and then jerked as his big brother landed a very hard smack right in the centre of his bottom. "Ow!"

Michael paused, lightly tracing the area he'd just smacked. Gabriel twitched, unable to help it. Despite what he'd said to Lucifer earlier, Gabriel still adored his brothers – and to be over Michael's lap like this was more than a little disconcerting. Even though Michael had been the General of heaven, he'd never treated any of his brothers and sisters harshly – not until the day when he'd beaten Lucifer down out of heaven.

When Michael continued to spank Gabriel, it didn't take much for him to start wriggling and squirming. Humans used this punishment a lot from what Gabriel had seen – and he was starting to feel how effective it was, over Michael's lap. Even through his pants, the firm smacks hurt and made his legs begin to kick.

Michael paused, finally, and Gabriel – assuming it was over – tried to push himself up, which wasn't so easy with his hands cuffed in front of him. "Okay... okay," he said. "I get it. You're crabby over my behaviour. I learned my lesson."

"Not yet." Michael pushed down on the small of Gabriel's back to force him back down and then slid one hand under Gabriel to unfasten his jeans, before pulling them down, following them with Gabriel's underwear. "Not too much longer to go."

"But it hurts..." Gabriel protested, desperately trying to keep from whining.

"Good. You've needed to be taken in hand for your actions for a long time. Both of you have." Michael began landing crisper, firmer smacks to Gabriel's bared backside.

Gabriel yelped and began squirming and wriggling over Michael's lap, trying to lever himself up. He couldn't believe how much being spanked hurt. It felt like his backside was burning and tears sprang out of his eyes, falling down his cheeks. He finally began to accept the punishment, knowing that he was lucky to still be alive – and that he had no choice other than to accept this spanking from his older brother.

After what felt like an eternity, Michael finally stopped and Gabriel felt his hand resting on his lower back. He sniffled and coughed, wiping his eyes on his sleeve. "That was mean..."

"More like well-deserved." Michael gathered Gabriel into his arms and held him for a few moments. Then, when Gabriel's sobs had more or less died down, he pushed him back a little to look at him. "If I release you, will you behave yourself?" he asked.

Gabriel looked down at his hands and then up at Michael again, nodding. He felt uncomfortable and sore, but he knew that – if he tried to leave – his big brother would just come after him again. Besides, he had to admit he didn't really want to leave.

"Good." Michael lightly touched the handcuffs around Gabriel's wrists, dissolving them, and then turned his attention to Lucifer. He made a gesture and pulled Lucifer towards him. "It's your turn now."

"You're not going to sp... punish me." But Lucifer's voice somehow lacked the fire Gabriel would have expected.

"That is exactly what I am going to do, brother," Michael replied. "You have been allowed to get away with your behaviour for far too long. You are nothing more than a child having a tantrum. For all your claims to hate humans so much, you certainly behave like one of them as a child." He reached for Lucifer's hands and pulled him forward across his lap. "We are not going to fight, but you are going to be punished for all you have done," he promised.

Gabriel looked down at the jeans around his ankles and decided they would hurt far too much to pull up over his sore backside. He snapped his fingers and changed the jeans to cotton trousers, flinching as he heard the very loud smack as it landed on Lucifer's bottom. He knew full well how much it hurt.

Lucifer didn't make a sound as Michael's hand landed over and over on the seat of his vessel's trousers. Gabriel winced in sympathy as the swats over his pants ended and Michael slid his hands under Lucifer's stomach to undo his pants and pull them down, following those with his underwear.

In spite of himself, Gabriel moved a little closer, watching in some fascination as Michael resumed the spanking on Lucifer's bare bottom. Had his own butt turned that red that quickly? No wonder it had felt like it was burning...

Lucifer's stoicism didn't last for very long and Gabriel could hear him begin to cry. Michael paused and a paddle manifested itself in his hand. He didn't hesitate before bringing the paddle down hard, apparently ignoring Lucifer's cries. However, Gabriel – looking at Michael's face – could see the faintest glimpse of pain he'd never before seen on his big brother's face.

None of them had had any idea of how Michael had been affected by all of this. It troubled Gabriel more than he cared to admit.

Finally, Michael stopped, Lucifer sobbing hard over his lap. He gently rubbed Lucifer's back and then pulled him into his arms.

"...That's it?" Gabriel asked.

Michael looked at Gabriel over their brother's head and shook his head slowly. Gabriel wanted to voice a protest, but he couldn't find the words. They still had to work through everything else Lucifer had done, not to mention deal with the war going on in heaven.

The End

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